Thank you so much to everyone who has been keen to lend their support during this difficult time. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate it.

These are unprecedented times for everyone and we – like most – are having to constantly review and change the way that we are working. It remains, as ever, our passion that we are here to provide the essential support needed by the most vulnerable people in our community.  We are very much still here and ready to help those who need support.

We are facing a 50% + loss in fundraising income this year, due to the cancellation of our own events, those organised by supporters and a reduction in donations.

This is at the same time as we are receiving a increased number of applications for help:

• We’ve already seen an 11% rise in the number of clients needing our help since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in our community.
• From 1st – 7th April 50% of the applications for help we received were directly impacted by Covid-19.
• During the period 23rd March – 17th April we helped 389 people, 164 of which were children.
• We expect the number of people needing our help to continue to rise.

Many of those we have helped so far have lost their job, have found themselves unable to make ends meet on a reduced income due to being furloughed or they’ve been unable to work due to having to self-isolate for health reasons.

People like Anelise and Ben, who have moved into their new flat, their first home, after experiencing homelessness.

This young couple are trying to make their way in the world with a very limited income. They are expecting their first child. Anelise is 9 months pregnant and having to self-isolate to protect herself and that of the health of her baby from Covid-19. The couple are sleeping on the floor and have no means to prepare meals as they have no cooker and simply couldn’t afford to purchase one. We were able to help and provided a bed, cooker and a washing machine so that the couple can start making their flat a home and prepare for their precious new arrival.

If you would like to give a gift to help support more people in need during the crisis we have set up a new campaign page. Every pound really does make a difference.

Due to our unique way of working, every £10 donated will help to provide £50 of essential items.

If all our supporters gave a small donation, together we’d make a massive difference to local people in crisis and hardship right now.

Visit the campaign page at:

You can also donate using any of the usual methods – more information at

Thank you so much – your ongoing support is very much appreciated.


(For more information about the LeicestershireLive There With You Fund click here).