Parachute jumps

We regularly organise team tandem sky dive events (the last was on 7th May 2017).

It is great to jump with fellow challengers who are also raising funds and the Charity Link team come along to cheer you on and give you a well deserved glass of bubbles on landing.

You can, however, take part in a parachute jump on your own or with family / friends at any time of the year.

We jump at the British Parachute Association approved centre at Sibson Airfield, Wansford, Peterborough, PE8 6NE (less than an hour away from Leicester city centre). You can read more about jumping at this centre here which includes information on costs for undertaking an individual jump. (There is also a centre in Nottingham).

In general those undertaking a jump (who need to be 16 years or over and no more than 15.7 stone) will pre-register and raise funds and then on the morning of their jump will arrive early to sign in before receiving a short pre-jump briefing. When its your time to jump it will take around 15 minutes in the aircraft to ascend to 13,000ft (around two miles up!) before you enjoy the thrill of free fall – descending to around 5,000ft before your instructor opens the parachute and you glide back down to earth. During the six or so minutes under the parachute you can enjoy unique views of the local area whilst knowing you have done something truly amazing for local people in desperate need!

Those who jumped for Charity Link before have described it as ‘amazing’, ‘exhilarating’ and ‘one of the best things ever’, so don’t leave this challenge on your bucket list!

If you have any questions about jumping for Charity Link please email Rachel at Charity Link at 

Image – Jennifer Johnson-Halon who jumped for Charity Link in May 2017. Shown with her family and supporters, including Sue from Charity Link