Finding funding for people in need since 1876

Imagine sleeping each night on a makeshift bed, imagine being unable to prepare a hot meal for your children, imagine your child feeling inferior at school because their school uniform no longer fits, imagine being disabled and housebound because you don’t have a powered wheelchair.

This is the reality for many people. Illness, redundancy, breakdown of relationships can all act as tipping points and create real hardship.

We believe that everyone deserves a decent standard of living, with a right to adequate food, shelter and the means to keep warm, clean and rested – no matter what difficulty they may be facing. We help to make a difference by finding funding to provide the essential items that everyone deserves.

We can’t do this without your vital support.


Every £10 donated enables us to unlock £50 from charitable trusts and every single penny goes to help local people and children in need.

With your help we work throughout Leicester, Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire to help change the lives of over 5,000 vulnerable individuals and families each year.