Rotary Club of Leicester to provide beds for families in need due to Covid-19

The Rotary Club of Leicester is helping to provide vital beds for local families in need due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Club, one of the oldest and largest Rotary Clubs in the UK, has donated over £2,000 to Charity Link, the Leicester-based charity which provides essential items to people in financial hardship. The funds were raised by the Club together with support from a Rotary Foundation District Grant and will be helping to provide 14 beds to vulnerable people in need.

Chris Saul, President of The Rotary Club of Leicester, says: “No one can ignore the need that the current Covid-19 pandemic is presenting. It is leaving many local people in severe financial hardship and after hearing a talk by Charity Link about the increase in need they were experiencing, our members felt passionately that we needed to do something to help.

“We’ve focused on providing beds as it is such an everyday item, and thankfully one that many of us can take for granted. Realising that people in our own community, including children, don’t have a bed, that some are even having to sleep on a bare concreate floor, is almost unimaginable. We are delighted that, with The Rotary Foundation’s support, we’ll be helping to significantly improve the lives of a number of local people in these difficult times through our gift.”

Thanks to The Goods Depot, a social enterprise launched by Charity Link in 2019 which directly supplies items to its clients and sells white goods to the community with profits being fed back to the charity, beds will be distributed to those who are moving into unfurnished social or privately rented accommodation. These include individuals and families moving from a hostel to permanent accommodation due to hostel evacuations as a result of Covid-19, women escaping domestic violence where violence within the home has increased due to the lock down and low-income families who have acquired accommodation but where usual support services are not available due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Susan McEniff, Director of Marketing and Fundraising at Charity Link says: “For those with little money to spare, a bed is a ‘luxury’ they simply cannot afford. They are left facing night after night trying to sleep on a sofa, a chair or just the floor. Everyone deserves a bed, no matter what crisis, illness, disability or difficulty they are facing. The support offered by The Rotary Club of Leicester and The Rotary Foundation means that we will be able to provide beds to a number of local families, many of whom have already been through so much hardship. It is fantastic to be able to provide this vital item which makes such a positive impact on wellbeing and dignity.”

The Rotary Club of Leicester has 60 members, drawn from men and women living in, or whose business serves, the city of Leicester. The club usually meets on a Monday lunchtime at the Mercure Leicester Grand Hotel but is currently holding meetings virtually. New members are welcome.

Charity Link has been working in Leicester for over 140 years to provide essential items to people in financial hardship, including food, grants for utilities, clothing, cookers and fridges. Already facing an 11% increase in the number of people needing support since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, Charity Link is also working with The Leicester Mercury to provide more essential items to those in need due to the pandemic through the There With You Fund which was launched in April.

For more information contact:

Rotary Club of Leicester – Barry Davies – 07900313111

Rachel Markham, Communications and Fundraising Officer – Charity Link
Email: Call 0116 222 2218 / 07960070553

Notes to editors:
The Rotary Club of Leicester was founded in 1916 and is one of the oldest and largest Rotary Clubs in the United Kingdom, with approximately 70 members, drawn from men and women living in, or whose business serves, the City of Leicester. The Club’s accent is on fellowship, and on service projects for the benefit of those less fortunate than the membership. Directly, and through the worldwide Rotary movement, the Club cares for the local community and for the world through international service, particularly in developing countries such as water purification and supply projects. Equally, Rotary cares for the people of the world through programmes such as the Rotary Foundation which among many other things provides scholarships for young people to study in other countries

Charity Link was established in 1876 by local business people and caring individuals to assist those in Leicester experiencing poverty, hardship and crisis. In 1975 the charity expanded its work to include the areas of Leicestershire and Rutland and in 2012 it expanded its work into Northamptonshire to reach out to more vulnerable people in the East Midlands. Though times have changed Charity Link’s services are as vital today as they were 140 years ago. Charity Link finds funding to provide items that the majority of us take for granted, such as beds, fridges cookers, clothing, and in emergencies, vouchers for food. It also offers help with mobility equipment and visual aids not available on the NHS. Its unique way of working – accessing money from charitable trusts around the UK that are available to help people in need – means that for every £10 donated Charity Link can raise £50 – all of the £50 goes to provide items for those most in need within the local community. Charity Link believes that all local people deserve a decent standard of living and should be able to fulfil their potential in life – with a right to adequate food, shelter and the means to keep warm, clean and rested – no matter what crisis, difficulty, disability or illness they may be facing. The charity currently helps round 5,000 people each year, over a third of which are children and young people. Further information on the charity can be found by visiting or by calling 0116 222 2200. On Twitter @charitylink On Facebook @charitylink
On Instagram @charity-link-official