Helping those directly impacted by the COVID-19 Crisis

In April the There With You Fund was launched in conjunction with the Leicester Mercury and the Randal Charitable Foundation. Donations to the fund are being distributed through Charity Link via grants of up to £300 in essential items to people throughout Leicestershire who find themselves in financial need and are directly impacted by the pandemic.  In some cases additional support is also provided by Charity Link.  (We are also supporting clients in Northamptonshire impacted by COVID-19 via our usual way of working).

Julie has been shielding as she is currently fighting cancer. Her employer furloughed her and she has now been advised to leave work due to her health. She has struggled to make ends meet on a reduced income and is waiting for her benefits application to be processed as she battles her illness and continues to look after her children. When her cooker broke Julie couldn’t afford to replace this, which had serious repercussions for her health and her mental well-being. Your support enabled Julie to receive a new cooker.

Skye and her young son became homeless after she lost her job in hospitality and couldn’t afford the rent on the private let that they lived in. They have now been re-homed in a council property but this is unfurnished and she didn’t have enough to buy all the essentials she and her son needed. Your support has helped to provide Skye and her son with a bed.

Austin is now a lone parent to two children after his partner and the children’s mother died suddenly last year. Austin himself has a number of health conditions which was a factor in him losing his job recently. The family, who have already faced so much, are struggling financially and couldn’t afford a cooker when theirs broke recently. Your support provided this vital item to help the family cook meals together again.

Ruri was in an abusive marriage and this got worse during lockdown. Her husband suddenly left but took many items with him and she is now also struggling financially as she is left with no income. Ruri has been awarded Universal Credit but with some time until her first payment, your support has enabled us to provide Ruri with a fridge and household goods to help her get by.

Benjamin is a self-employed tradesman but has been unable to work since the start of the pandemic. This has meant the family has struggled financially and when their washing machine broke they didn’t have the funds to replace this vital item. Your support helped Benjamin, his partner and their young children during this difficult time.

Emil has been struck twice by COVID-19 – early on in the pandemic and again at the beginning of this year. He now has long COVID and struggles to breath and is in pain from constant coughing. He has not been able to work since last year and is finding it difficult to cope financially. His sofa was soiled from when he was extremely ill and he had no way of buying a replacement and so didn’t have anywhere to sit. Your support helped to provide this item to increase Emil’s well-being as he continues his recovery.

Anton lost his job due to the pandemic and has also been recovering from a knee operation with another operation delayed due to COVID. He managed to find alternative employment but on much reduced hours which has meant that he is struggling to meet all of his essential outgoings. When his fridge freezer broken he was unable to afford a replacement which meant daily trips to the shop which was causing distress due to worries about the virus and mobility issues. Your support has helped to provide Anton with this vital item.

Ying was furloughed and has recently been told that she will be made redundant imminently. After essential outgoings Ying is already struggling to get by and she has no funds available to purchase an electric cooker and washing machine that she desperately needs. Thanks to you we were able to help.

Kimi is a double leg amputee and uses a wheelchair. She has previously been homeless but has recently moved to a property, but this is unfurnished and Kimi can not afford all the items she needs to set up her home. Of vital importance was a washing machine as Kimi finds it difficult to access the laundrette. Thanks to you we were able to help.

Tora is a young mum whose daughter was born last autumn. She was asked to leave home by her mother and has been in hostel accommodation until a suitable property becomes available, but the pandemic is delaying this process. Tora was in desperate need of a bed as the room she has been allocated is unfurnished. Your support has provided Tora with this essential item.

Over lockdown Lois experienced bullying by some neighbours and this culminated in a break-in at her home where many household items were destroyed. After the incident Lois moved but, with a serious mobility condition and unable to work, she has been sleeping on the floor as she couldn’t afford a new bed with her limited Universal Credit payment. Your support has helped to provide Lois with a new bed, so vital for her health and well-being. Thank you!

Georgia lost her job earlier in the pandemic and has been struggling financially ever since.  She was recently diagnosed with cancer and this has made the need to replace her broken bed even more urgent but she has no savings and her benefits only give her enough to get by.  There There With You Fund has helped to provide this essential item as Georgia continues her treatment.

Cuba has been homeless and has struggled to find a property due to delays caused by the pandemic. Recently he has finally be allocated with a tenancy but he did not have the funds to buy a fridge-freezer from his part-time wages. Due to COVID-19 he was keen to shop as infrequently as possible but this has proved difficult without this essential item.  The There With You Fund helped to provide the Cuba with the fridge-freezer he so desperately needed.

Abu was referred to us after being granted refugee status. Abu was keen to find work but found this difficult due to the pandemic.  His wife must also shield due to a health condition. After being provided with a council tenancy the family couldn’t afford to purchase all the items they needed to look after their children.  The fund helped by providing a fridge-freezer.

When Dylan was released from prison, accommodation options were extremely limited due to pandemic and he moved into a shared house.  Struggling with his mental health, Dylan found it hard to cope cooking in the shared kitchen which was left extremely dirty by housemates and this was causing severe anxiety. The There With You Fund was able to provide a toaster and microwave in order for him to prepare food in his own room as he looks to recover and get back on his feet.

With a baby and having escaped domestic violence during the pandemic, Jaya is struggling with her mental health and is living on a very low income.  Although she has been provided with accommodation, Jaya has been staying with her mum, who she helps to care for, as the allocated property is unfurnished and she can’t afford to buy the items needs.  The There With You Fund has now helped to provide a cooker – an essential item which will help her to start to build a new home.

Josie has recently left an abusive relationship which got worse during lock-down. She was left with debts and struggling to get by on a very reduced income. She is also facing health issues and anxiety – exacerbated due to the pandemic. Her children were in desperate need of winter clothing but Josie could not afford these basic items.  The There With You Fund helped by providing £150 in clothing vouchers.

Jiyal is a single parent and struggles with a number of health issues. He had been struggling to wash his son’s school uniform every day to limit the COVID-19 infection risk, but was struggling to get these dry in time. The family have been subjected to harassment in the past and he was worried his on would be the victim of bullying because of this. The There With You Fund helped to provide a tumble dryer to help the family with this daily task.

Ani is extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 as he has a number of health conditions and has recently undergone a serious operation. His work assessment couldn’t take place due to the pandemic which means he is receiving less financial support than should be the case. He couldn’t afford the washing machine he desperately needed and wasn’t able to visit a laundrette due to his health issues and needing to self-isolate. We were able to support Ani with a new washing machine.

Roshni’s health conditions were exacerbated due to the pandemic as she was not able continue her exercise programme and access services to support her condition.  Her pain has made it difficult for her to sleep but she couldn’t afford the specialist mattress which would aid her well-being.  This item, costing £180, was provided by the There The With You Fund.

Shelly was referred to Charity Link by her support worker. She has recently escaped an abusive relationship and when she did so she left most of her possessions behind. Working part-time in hospitality, her income has fluctuated severely over recent months due to the lockdowns and a reduction in her working hours. This has made budgeting increasingly difficult and leaving Shelly with no way to purchase the vital items she needs for the unfurnished property she moved to. The There With You Fund provided Shelly with a cooker, a vital item for her well-being as she starts a new life and gets through these difficult times.

Greg was referred by his support worker. He was recently housed as part of the COVID-19 pandemic response to homelessness in Leicestershire but couldn’t afford to buy the basic household items he needed to set up his new home. We were able to support Greg with £120 in vouchers to help. 

Selma was moving to a council tenancy but had no funds for household goods and essentials. She’d been working in the care industry but her hours were reduced due to the pandemic. She is a single mum and was struggling to make ends meet and couldn’t afford a cooker which the family desperately needed for their well-being. The There With You Fund helped to provide this essential item.

Life has been a struggle for Lucy and her family. With young children, including a new baby, and her partner having lost his job due to the pandemic, they family were struggling to get by. When their washing machine broke there was no way the family could afford a new one. Due to health issues associated with the birth, Lucy was unable to get to the laundrette. The There With You Fund provide the family with a new washing machine – making life so much easier during this difficult time.

Adele was referred to us by a local food bank. She has a health condition which means she has needed to self-isolate since the start of the pandemic. She is unable to work and although she receives some benefits, money has been extremely tight. To add to Adele’s stress, both her washing machine and fridge freezer recently broke and she was not in a position to replace them. This meant she was having to risk going out to buy food on a daily basis and she was also needing food parcels to help her get by. Thanks to your support of There There With You Fund we have been able to support Adele with a reconditioned washing machine and fridge freezer to help support her during these difficult times.

Shona was devastated when the man she was paid to care for died from COVID-19 earlier this year. Already struggling with her mental health, this has impacted Shona greatly and she is currently unable to work. With Universal Credit payments barely covering her essential outgoings, Shona couldn’t afford to replace her washing machine when this broke and couldn’t access a laundrette. The There With You Fund provided Shona with this essential item.

Alex and her family were struggling financially before the pandemic and when their central heating broke, they found the repairs were delayed due to COVID-19 which left them with no choice but to use expensive electric heaters to keep warm. This left very little money and Alex was unable to pay for the books and stationery her son needed for his studies. The There With You Fund helped to pay for these essential items during this difficult time.

Ed lost all of his property after it was removed during the time he was in prison. Currently staying in a hostel, Ed only had the clothes he was released in and due to the pandemic there were very limited support services available to help him and charity shops were closed. The There With You Fund provided a grant to enable Ed to purchase some vital clothing a small but important step in helping him to rebuild his life.

Grant is an elderly gentleman with a number of health issues including breathing difficulties which meant it was vital for him to self-isolate when he returned home after a spell in hospital . As he was waiting for his next benefit payment, Grant faced the prospect of being at home with no funds to top up his gas and electricity. This would mean no light or heating. Emergency support from The There With You Fund helped Grant to ensure he was safe and warm at home.

Ajay had been suffering from anxiety and depression since the breakup of his relationship. His mental health issues deteriorated further due to the isolation experienced due to the COVID-19 lockdown. After a period of homelessness he was rehoused by the council but he couldn’t afford a bed as his Universal Credit only covered basic outgoings. The There With You Fund helped to provide Ajay with a bed.

Sam was referred by her family support worker. She lost her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was struggling to make ends meet on her Universal Credit payment. Pregnant with her first child, Sam was trying to shield as much as possible to keep herself and her baby safe but her fridge-freezer started to fail which meant food was going off and she needed to make frequent trips to the shops to buy food which was adding to her anxiety. The There With You Fund helped to provide a new fridge-freezer.

Kam, who has a number of serious health conditions, has been shielding throughout the pandemic. She has been homeless in the past but has recently moved from temporary accommodation to a new tenancy. However, she has been unable to afford the large appliances she needs, particularly a cooker which is vital to help her prepare hot and healthy meals to keep well. The There With You Fund has provided a grant for a cooker and washing machine.

Paul hasn’t been able to continue his part-time work since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. He is a lone parent and the family have struggled on a reduced income which was made worse when their cooker recently broke and Paul was unable to replace this, so the family haven’t been able to have hot meals. Thanks to your support we’ve now delivered a new cooker to help the family during this difficult time.

After losing his job due the pandemic and having no income whilst his benefit application is processed, Kwame was desperate for food and clothing. Due to the support for the There With You Fund, launched with the Leicester Mercury and with the support of the Randal Charitable Foundation, we’ve been able to provide Kwame with food and clothing vouchers to help him get by with some dignity until benefit support is in place.

Helen and her children were referred to Charity Link by a support worker. Helen is still coming to terms with the death of her partner and her distressing situation has been made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic as she has now been furloughed from her job and is struggling financially. Helen desperately needed to replace her cooker and her son’s broken bed but couldn’t afford to purchase these essential items. Thanks to your support we’ve been able to provide these items so that Helen and her son can now cook a hot meal and have a decent nights sleep.

John’s search for work has been made extremely difficult due to the pandemic. He is a recent care leaver and has no family and very few friends which has made him feel isolated and alone. He now has his first ever proper home but, whilst a positive step forward, this is also causing anxiety as he is currently on a very limited income and cannot afford the very basic items he deserves, such as a cooker. Thankfully we’ve been able to provide John with this essential item so that he can start cooking for himself and to help him feel more positive for the future.

After losing his job due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of Julian’s first Universal Credit payment was spent on rent and utilities. He has been accessing foodbanks but needed some extra support this month until he receives his next benefit payment. Through a There With You Fund grant we’ve provided Julian with some food vouchers so he has enough food to get by.

Facing a number of health issues Nilkesh struggles to make ends meet in the best of times, but the Covid-19 pandemic is causing additional financial pressure and stress. The family have very little furniture and have been living without a sofa which has become extremely difficult now that all the children are at home the majority of the time. Nilkesh cannot afford to purchase even a second-hand sofa, so, thanks to you support, we’ve now provided the family this this item so they can enjoy a little more comfort at home.

Gina has recently moved to an unfurnished council tenancy after a period of homelessness caused when she fled an abusive relationship. Despite a disability and all the challenges in her personal life she has been determined to keep working part-time but she has now been furloughed due to the pandemic. With her daughter desperately needing a new bed, Gina couldn’t afford this essential item from her reduced earnings but, thanks to your support, we’ve been able to supply Gina with a bed and bedding for her daughter.

Gloria, who was furloughed from her job in March, was referred to Charity Link by her support worker. As the furlough scheme changed Gloria’s pay reduced further and this came at the same time as she’d became homeless after her relationship ended. She was offered a local authority tenancy but, struggling to make ends meet, she had no funds to buy the essential items needed to set up her new home. This included a specialist bed, vital to help her manage a health condition. Thanks to the There With You Fund Gloria received a bed and bedding and other household items. In addition, Charity Link was also able to provide a fridge freezer.

The domestic violence that Kiran experienced at the hands of her partner amplified during lockdown. This culminated in a severe incident where Kiran was attacked and left needing surgery; substantial damage was also done to the family home. Kiran is now being supported by the Police and her partner has been removed, but for the wellbeing and safety of Kiran and her children, home repairs, including to damaged doors, were needed urgently. Thanks to the There With You Fund, a grant was provided to help the family to feel safe and secure.

Ed had been sleeping rough for many years before he moved into shared accommodation. He has recently been offered permanent housing as part of the council’s COVID-19 response, but unable to work due to depression and anxiety, he couldn’t afford the items he needed to buy to make a home after he’d paid his rent and purchased essentials such as food from his Universal Credit allowance. A There With You Fund grant provided Ed with two essential items – a washing machine and a table top freezer.

Abi was referred by a charity as she had been homeless for a number of years and has a number of health issues. She desperately wanted to apply for a council property to improve her health and wellbeing but couldn’t do so as, after her time on the streets, she didn’t have any form of identification. Abi was struggling to access the support she needed due to services being severely limited as a result of COVID-19. Thanks to the There With You Fund Abi now has a birth certificate, a vital step on her journey to a home of her own.

After being made homeless Mary, her partner and her children had been living in a hostel for months until they were able to move to an unfurnished property. With a very limited income and reduced support in the community due to the pandemic the family had been living without many very basic items. We’ve been able to provide the family with a cooker through a There With You Fund grant and Charity Link has also provided beds and mattresses to help the family to start rebuilding their lives.

Teenager, Jenny, was coming to terms with the death of her mum when she also became homeless as she could not remain in the home that they shared. She has now moved into a new property which Jenny hopes will bring some stability after a distressing and uncertain time and with limited support services available to help her due to the pandemic. To help Jenny start to build her new life the There With You Fund has provided Jenny with a cooker, an essential item which Jenny couldn’t afford on her limited income.

Pensioner Rosemary suffers from numerous health conditions and disabilities and is particularly vulnerable due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She has moved into an unfurnished council tenancy following a prolonged period of homelessness and is in need of essential items, which she cannot afford on her state pension. To help Rosemary rebuild her life the There With You Fund has provided a cooker and household goods and Charity Link has also provided Rosemary with a bed.

Ed has terminal cancer and is now in hospital. Working up until he was diagnosed Ed’s family now have the added worry of financial difficulties as their application for support is taking longer to process due to the pandemic. In the meantime and with the loss of Ed’s wage the family are struggling to pay for their essential outgoings, including utility bills. To help until their benefit entitled is processed, the There With You Fund has assisted with a grant for utilities during this very difficult time.

Shola left the family home with her children during lockdown due to domestic violence. They were originally staying in a b&b but now have moved to rented accommodation. Shola didn’t have any cooking facilities and a new cooker, provided thanks to the support of the There With You Fund, is helping the family to settle in and start to rebuild their lives in a safe environment.

Sal was referred to us as after she left hospital (to free up a bed due to Covid-19) to move to an unfurnished property. She became homeless after her relationship ended and had found life a struggle as the property she had been living in was not suitable for her needs as she is physically disabled, has constant pain in her legs and uses a wheelchair. We have been able to support Sam in making the new property a safe and healthy home by providing a cooker, fridge and other household items.

Georgia was referred to us in desperate need of a fridge. She has been diagnosed with cancer and has been shielding from the pandemic. Her son has been dropping off food once a week but as Georgia’s fridge has broken and she doesn’t have the funds for a replacement, she is unable to store fresh food which has implications for her health. Thanks to your support we’ve been able to supply Georgia with a replacement fridge to help her keep safe and well.

Sam, a lone parent to two children, was referred to us as she was working part-time but due to health conditions she is classed as vulnerable and is having to self-isolate due to Covid-19. Although in receipt of limited benefits, money is extremely tight. Her son has been trying to access school work on her phone as the family do not have their own a laptop but this has proved to be extremely challenging and stressful. We were able to help and provide a laptop for the family so both children can do their school work whilst the schools are closed: “Thank you so much for this. I can’t express how much this will help and assist him in his learning. This is amazing and I’m so grateful.”

Jil, a single parent with two children was desperate for a fridge freezer. In receipt of Universal Credit and Child Benefit, it is tough for Jil to make ends meet and when this vital item broke, she didn’t have the funds to buy a new one. She’d tried to gain support herself but couldn’t contact a number of organisations due to a reduction in services due to Covid-19, so she was referred to us by a local charity. We were able to help the family by supplying this item, helping ensure that Jil doesn’t need to shop so frequently and helping to keep the family safe and well at home.

Joanna is mum to six-month Ava and life has become more difficulty since Ava’s father lost his job due to the Coronavirus pandemic and can no longer give financial support. Needing a cot and bedding for her baby, Joanne couldn’t now afford these relying only on her Universal Credit and Child Benefit payments. The need was becoming urgent Ava had grown out of her moses basket but, thanks to your support, we were able to provide a cot and bedding.

Raya and Arjun are looking forward to the birth of their forth child. The couple were both employed until recently but this situation has changed due to the Coronavirus; Arjun was an agency worker but has been advised that there are no new opportunities and Raya was working in the care industry but needs to self-isolate for the health of herself and her baby. The family are now in receipt of Universal Credit and Child Benefit but having recently moved to their own unfurnished property they have few belongings with no money to buy many essentials. The couple, along with their children, have all been sleeping on mattresses on the floor. Thanks to your support we’ve been able to provide new beds, along with a fridge freezer, to help make family life much more comfortable at this challenging time.

Lloyd was referred by his housing support worker seeking support for a washing machine. Lloyd has a number of health issues. His hours of work have been cut due to the Covid-19 crisis and he is struggling to make ends meet, so when his washing machine broke recently he realised he had no money to replace it. We’ve been able to provide him with this essential item.

Shona has been furloughed from her job in a restaurant due to the Covid-19 crisis and she is struggling to provide for her children on a reduced income. She is waiting for an error with her benefit entitlement to be corrected but in the meantime her fridge freezer has broken and she has been unable to afford to purchase a replacement. We have been able to step in to provide this essential item for the family.

Anelise and Ben have moved into their new flat, their first home, after experiencing homelessness. This young couple are trying to make their way in the world with a very limited income. They are expecting their first child. Anelise is 9 months pregnant and having to self-isolate to protect herself and that of the health of her baby from Covid-19. The couple are sleeping on the floor and have no means to prepare meals as they have no cooker and simply couldn’t afford to purchase one. We were able to help and provided a bed, cooker and a washing machine so that the couple can start making their flat a home and prepare for their precious new arrival.

Ahmed had been staying at a city-based hostel over the last month after experiencing a period of rough sleeping. He is extremely vulnerable and suffers from Hepatitis B. To ensure that he, and other residents, can fully self-isolate an emergency Covid-19 evacuation was implemented and Ahmed was moved into a tenancy. He had no belongings and no household goods. We were able to help with a grant towards vouchers so that Ahmed could purchase the essential items he needed with the help from his support worker.