Helping vulnerable young people

Last year your support enabled us to help 1781 children and young people…


Matthew was told to leave his mum’s home when he was a young teenager. He moved into his dad’s, but his step-mum told him to leave when he turned 16. Since then he has been estranged from both parents and homeless; during the past eight months he has been sleeping in his friend’s shed. Matthew gets by working ad-hoc for cash in hand. Mathew is now moving to his first proper home in five years and we’ve provided a bed, bedding and a fridge so he can really make a home.

Adam is 16 years old and estranged from his family due to a difficult relationship with his step-father who had recently physically assaulted him. He moved into supported housing but had with him only one small bag of clothes – no coat, his trainers had holes and he owned hardly any underwear. Adam was keen to start a college course to help make a future for himself, but his support worker felt that new clothing was essential to ensure that embarrassment about his appearance did not hold him back. We provided Adam with a £100 clothing voucher and he is now looking forward to furthering his education. 

Reema was a teenager when she was forced to leave her family home where she was being physically abused. She left with no belongings, no money, she didn’t even have time to grab a coat. Reema is now living in a young person’s hostel and was referred to Charity Link by her Support Worker. Despite her circumstances, Reema was determined to continue with her A-Levels and read Pharmaceutical Chemistry at University. She had to leave the hostel at 7.30am each day to catch two buses, and was travelling in the cold, wearing only thin summer clothes, no coat and worn summer sandals. Once Reema had paid her rent she was left with only £16.80 to live off to buy food and toiletries. She had just started to receive Educational Maintenance Allowance but this only just covered the cost of her school books and equipment. She tried saving but this meant going without food. We helped immediately and provided Reema with £100 worth of High Street vouchers to buy some new clothes. We also provided Reema with £1,500 through The Alderman Newton’s Educational Foundation so that she could continue with her studies.

Harpinder had to be placed in to foster care at a young age and at 16 she moved to live in a hostel whilst she completed her full time course at college.  During this time Harpinder experienced feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. After a two year wait, Harpinder gained an independent tenancy, but she couldn’t move in without a cooker and she couldn’t afford to buy one as she had just started an apprenticeship. We were able to provide a cooker for Harpinder’s first home: “It feels really good and such a relief as I didn’t know how I was going to buy a cooker. I’m excited as the future is good!”.