Support for vulnerable families

Paz and his young family experienced a severe fire at their home during lock-down.  After a period living away they were able to return home but most of the property they owned had been destroyed.  Paz was able to afford some items from his benefit payment but it was impossible to afford all the essentials the family needed.  We helped the family with with a fridge-freezer and furniture to help them get back on their feet after this awful experience.

Jeanie is a key worker on a very low income. As a single mum, when her washing machine broke she was having to go to the laundrette to wash the family’s clothes but this proved immensely difficult due to her role and looking after her children. We were able to support Jeanie with a washing machine. As the children’s beds were also in a bad state of repair, we were also able to provide bunk beds for the children – making a huge difference to the whole family’s well-being.

Camila is pregnant and will be a lone parent. She is on a low income and the property she has moved to ready for the arrival of her baby is unfurnished and she is unable to afford all the essentials she needs. Your support enabled us to provide Camila with a vital cooker.

Fay is a widower who lives in rented accommodation with her son and her young grand-daughter. Fay was employed until an accident left her with limited mobility and in constant pain. Her son is now her main carer and as such the family have an extremely limited income. This meant that when the family’s cooker broke they didn’t have the funds to buy a replacement. The family were facing Christmas with no way of enjoying a hot meal together. Fay burst into tears of happiness when our team told her that we were providing a new cooker and that she would have it in time for Christmas.

Susie has four children who have faced a chaotic start in life and are receiving support from a family support worker at school. The youngest three children have been sleeping, together with their mum, on a king-sized mattress on a floor.  Susie’s teenage son has been sleeping on an extremely old, dirty and uncomfortable mattress. These inadequate sleeping arrangements have meant little rest for the family for some time. This has impacted on family relationships and the children’s ability to concentrate at school.  We were able to provide new beds and mattresses, helping everyone to get a decent night’s sleep – the first step towards a more settled and happy family life and ensuring the children can fulfil their potential at school.

Fay is a mum of three.  When her marriage broke down, life changed dramatically for her and the children. Fay’s husband was serving in the British Armed Forces and the family had been living in Service Quarters. As the marriage ended, the family had to find alternative accommodation and Fay was doing all she could to help the children to cope during what was an extremely difficult time. Fay was working two jobs but struggling to pay for the school uniforms needed by the children and this was causing added stress; she was desperate to help the children settle into school quickly as they started to rebuild their lives.  Fay was referred to us for help and we were able to provide £250 in vouchers for the school-wear needed.

Stacey was looked after by grandmother Margaret since her mum died shortly after she was born. Margaret is doing all she can to be a mother to her grandaughter but she is disabled and finds it difficult to get about. Margaret can’t work and the family survive on disability and child benefits. Stacey’s bed was broken so she was sleeping on the floor as Margaret couldn’t afford to buy a new one. So we bought a bed and bedding, just £165 made a difference.

Molly and her mum were referred to us in desperate need. Their home was infested with mice, they had problems with damp which had caused mould throughout their home, this had now spread to their beds. They were trying to get the Council to sort out the problem but in the meantime they were both forced to sleep on the settee each night. Many of their items have had to be thrown away. Molly’s mum has no means to buy new beds. So we bought two beds, just £240 made a difference.

Katie and Izzy are still traumatised by their mum’s injuries from an unprovoked attack and home burglary. They have moved away from home, with their mum, to make a fresh start – leaving family, friends and school behind. Their mum bought a cooker so they could eat properly, but her money ran out and she couldn’t afford to buy beds for the girls. With your help we provided beds for Katie and Izzy.

Mark , who has a physical disability, lost his job and struggled to cope. Mark then experienced a period of homelessness. With support he had started to get his life back on track and had secured a new property for his family so they could start to re-build their lives. Whilst Mark was able to acquire some of the essentials needed for his family, his limited funds could not stretch to purchase a cooker to prepare hot meals, and a washing machine to wash his daughters’ clothes. With your support we raised £511 from internal and external charitable trusts to purchase a gas cooker and a washing machine. The family can now start building a new home after a difficult and unsettling time: “I wish to thank you all for helping my children and I. We are now in receipt of a new cooker and washing machine, both of which will contribute greatly in helping us all settle in to the new home that we are now making for ourselves. Now this Christmas can be spent together, making our own memories, as we prepare our own Christmas meal, in our own home, on the cooker Charity Link provided. So many thanks again, greatly indebted.”

David did everything he could to gain custody of his three daughters when his marriage broke down. The girls were being neglected by their mother and were at risk of being placed into care. But they could not live with David until he had arranged suitable accommodation as at that time he was living in a bedsit. He gained suitable council property but it was unfurnished and the family could not be reunited until the home was properly furnished. The family were in a desperate state. David had recently lost his job and he simply could not afford to furnish their new home on his weekly Job Seekers Allowance of £65.45. A Community Care Grant helped meet only some of their needs. We helped immediately and provided the family with four beds, a cooker, clothes for the girls and £100 worth of High Street Gift Vouchers to buy the household goods that they desperately needed. These items meant that the girls could be together with their father, safe in their new home.