Supporting elderly people

Last year your support enabled us to help 371 older people …


Mary, a pensioner, had lived alone for some years following the death of her husband. Many household items were in need of replacement – including her cooker meaning she’d not eaten a hot meal for weeks – but living on a state pension she didn’t have the funds. Charity Link bought a cooker and other items to enable Mary to stay in her home.

Rose and Alan had worked hard all their lives but now in their 70s and 80s were now struggling living on their state pension. Rose has a number of health problems, including arthritis, but despite this was caring for her terminally ill husband who has prostate cancer and is also blind. The couple had been living off sandwiches as they could not afford a new cooker, and after a spell in hospital, Rose was devastated that she couldn’t cook nutritious food for him or prepare his favourite meals in the time he had left. Thanks to your support we were able to provide a cooker for the couple to help them enjoy their remaining time together.

In her nineties, Lily still enjoyed life to the full, but her health had deteriorated significantly over the last five years. Lily suffers from arthritis in her knees and legs and could no longer manage to walk up and down the stairs in her home. Consequently she was sleeping downstairs and used a commode as she couldn’t access her bedroom or bathroom. Despite working in to her seventies  Lily didn’t have any savings to purchase a stair lift, she only just managed to survive on a state pension and pension credits. All Lily wanted was to stay in her own home independently, but without a stair lift she would have had to move into residential care. We helped immediately and raised £1,500 to purchase the stair lift that she so desperately needed. Lily can now stay in her own home independently, surrounded by the things she loves.