Supporting the victims of domestic violence

Tia and her two children were living in a refuge after fleeing the domestic violence for which her ex-partner is now awaiting a criminal trial. This was proving very stressful for the family and although moving to their own tenancy was a positive step forward, the property was unfurnished and living on Universal Credit and Child Benefit, Tia didn’t have the money to buy the essentials the family needed. Tia also has arthritis which makes daily tasks difficult. We were able to help the family by providing a washing machine to make daily life that bit easier.

Rina and Zach were desperate to escape the violence and threats they had experienced from Rina’s husband. Rina had been held hostage in her home and regularly beaten. A family member saw their plight and intervened so they could get away. Over a six month period they had moved three times to protect themselves. Rina had been unable to go to work because of her injuries and was trying to survive on statutory sick pay. Rina and Zach found a safe place to live, but they had no furniture, beds, cooker or any household goods. Women’s Aid referred Rina and Zach to us for help. We acted immediately and raised over £700 to purchase Rina and Zach the items that they desperately needed for their new home.

Helen and her daughter, Amy, were made homeless after Helen fled a violent and controlling relationship. They were residing in temporary accommodation at a local hostel and desperately needed help. Helen had to leave her job as a carer when the violence increased to the extent that she was unable to work. Her employer had reassured Helen that she could return as soon as she was back on her feet. She tried to keep as much normality as possible for Amy who was severely traumatised by the events, by ensuring that Amy could attend the same school and be around the friends and teachers that she knew. In order to do this they were travelling significant distances across the city. Helen had applied for Income Support and Child Tax Credits to keep her afloat during this difficult time. She was still waiting on a decision, which left her with £20.50 in Child Benefit. The hostel was self-catering and Helen could not afford to buy food and afford the travelling costs to school. Without family support, Helen had no-one to turn to for financial help. Helen’s Family Support Worker, who was supporting the family with advice, advocacy and guidance, referred Helen to Charity Link. We were able to provide help with travel costs and help with food at this time of upheaval whilst Helen’s benefits were approved and she started to get back on her feet.

Twins Kyla and Isla received new school uniforms to start their new school thanks to your support. Their mum, Kerry, had experienced domestic violence so severe her ex-partner received a long prison sentence. Kerry still suffers from the after effects and is supported by her eldest daughter, Molly. Kerry had temporary work up until last year, but has been finding it hard to cope financially paying rent on a privately rented flat, bills and food. The family have been relying on food parcels and now the girls desperately needed new school uniforms but Kerry just didn’t have the money. Kyla and Isla can now attend their new school without feeling self-conscious, enabling the girls to settle in and start making new friends.



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