Supporting those impacted by homelessness

Last year your support enabled us to help 1136 people facing homelessness…


Karl was referred to us by an advice worker after he’d been forced to leave his now ex-partner’s house after he was badly assaulted by her son. He had been homeless for a couple of weeks and had then secured housing association property. He had started a low paid part time job but he had to work a month in hand before he was paid, which was another two weeks away. He was therefore moving into his flat with no money and no furniture.  We were able to provide a bed to help him start setting up his new home, along with a vouchers for food, a grant for utilities and vouchers for bedding and other household essentials.

Jacob is in his seventies and found himself homeless after his wife and other family members passed away.  During the pandemic he briefly found shelter with a friend before moving to a homeless shelter. He has now been allocated a council tenancy but needs many items to help make it a home. The There With You Fund helped to provide Jacob with a some bedroom furniture to help make life more comfortable

David was homeless, sleeping  for a time in a church crypt during the heaviest snow storms that Leicestershire had seen in a number of years. There were no hostel places available for David; he had no income and had not eaten for three days when he came to us for support. We acted immediately and gave David £80 worth of food vouchers. David desperately wanted a home of his own and a job. We made some calls and negotiated with a private landlord to rent an empty flat to David and provided £100 for a rent bond. We also gave David £30 so he could buy a suit and arranged for work experience at a voluntary organisation. Just £210 got David off the street and back into work.

Aalia and her four children found themselves homeless when their landlord evicted them at short notice to sell the property. Staying in a hostel for some time, Aalia worked part time as a cleaner and casually as a carer for a friend’s disabled children. She was in receipt of limited benefits and her income was very low. Their previous accommodation was furnished and they had left only with their clothing. The family were moving forward with their lives and had a new property to go to, but this was unfurnished and Aalia had no way to provide the essential items needed to it a home. With your support we were able to provide over £600 worth of items, including a cooker, fridge and household goods, such as bedding, to help the family get back on their feet and ensure they could move forward with their lives.

Helen and her daughter, Amy, were made homeless after Helen fled a violent and controlling relationship. They were residing in temporary accommodation at a local hostel and desperately needed help. Helen had to leave her job as a carer when the violence increased to the extent that she was unable to work. Her employer had reassured Helen that she could return as soon as she was back on her feet. She tried to keep as much normality as possible for Amy who was severely traumatised by the events, by ensuring that Amy could attend the same school and be around the friends and teachers that she knew. In order to do this they were travelling significant distances across the city. Helen had applied for Income Support and Child Tax Credits to keep her afloat during this difficult time. She was still waiting on a decision, which left her with £20.50 in Child Benefit. The hostel was self-catering and Helen could not afford to buy food and afford the travelling costs to school. Without family support, Helen had no-one to turn to for financial help. Helen’s Family Support Worker, who was supporting the family with advice, advocacy and guidance, referred Helen to Charity Link. We were able to provide help with travel costs and help with food at this time of upheaval whilst Helen’s benefits were approved and she started to get back on her feet.