Vision and mission

Our vision:  Everyone, irrespective of circumstances, can fulfil their potential in life.

Our purpose: To provide timely assistance in times of crisis or hardship

Our beliefs: 

  • Everyone has a right to a decent standard of living where they are dry, warm, clean, safe and can feed themselves
  • Financial or practical support at a time of crisis can make a differences to people’s dignity and self-respect and their future
  • We’ll be most effective and efficient by working in partnership with other organisations

Our values of empathy and compassion, support, respect, knowledge, expertise and partnership working shape the work we do. We use our expertise to ensure support goes to those most at need when they need it. We respect and support each other and other agencies, working in partnership to achieve great benefit for those most at need. It is this desire to create positive futures and our empathy with those in need which drive us.

Our mission: 

We work across three main themes supporting people in poverty or facing financial hardship:

  1. Basic needs: providing the basic needs to keep people warm, fed and safe by providing support with utilities, food vouchers, beds, cookers and clothing.
  2. Mobility equipment: ensuring that disability doesn’t mean lack of ability purely because someone can’t afford an outdoor wheelchair for example.
  3. Education & achievement: ensuring that people are not limited in their attainment due, for example, to the lack of a school uniform, interview clothes or travel costs.

And we do this by:

  1. Finding funding for people in need – the basis of our work since 1876
  2. Trust administration service – using our knowledge to manage funds to achieve the most social good