Acts 435

We are extremely grateful for the support of Acts 435, an organisation that supports us in helping people in financial hardship and crisis to have the essential items they desperately need across Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire.

Acts 435 helps to give to anyone who has a need across the UK.

As an Acts 435 partner, we are able contact the organisation when certain clients are in need of support.  Acts 435 then is able to highlight this need to their donors, sharing our clients story (anonymously). Donors can then give through the Acts 435 Platform. When the required funding for the essential item is secured through this partnership, we are then able to purchase and deliver it to our client, helping to improve their wellbeing, health and dignity.

The average time for a need to be fully funded through Acts 435 is 2 days.*

Thank to you Acts 435 and their donors for their support.

To find out more about the work of Acts 435, please visit their website at


Acts 435 for web

Thanks to Acts 435 for their on-going support

"It’s fantastic to see all the ways the community comes together to improve the lives of people in need. From undertaking challenges, to dress-up days, quizzes, raffles and cake-bakes, to donating, setting up a regular gift, volunteering or spreading the word, it all helps to ensure people living in hardship are warm, safe and fed and have the basics in life that we all deserve."

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