Amie’s time at Leicester Charity Link

Hello my name is Amie Gohil I am 10 years old and I am going to tell you how I started to help Leicester Charity Link.

One day my dad was putting me to bed and I asked him, “daddy I want to help all the poor children and poor families.” My dad said “what a fantastic idea” he also said “first of all you have to find out what charity you want to do it for” and I said “okay.”

So the next day I said to my dad, “can you help look up a charity that I could help” and my dad said “type in Charities in Leicester.” So I did, the first charity I saw was Leicester Charity Link so I clicked on the website and I saw that it was the type of charity I could help. So I read it and wanted to contact the charity to say I want to help. When I called them the first person I spoke to was Susan McEniff, she was very polite on phone and booked me in for 21st of July for a meeting. When we met we chatted and Susan told us all about what the Charity does and how they help.

Susan said it would be fine for me to come back and stay to help. So I came back on the 5th of August I helped a very nice lady called Linda, another nice lady called Sam, another nice lady called Della and the best Susan. Susan was the one that made me a website on Justgiving mine is called and it was great fun.

Susan also booked me in for the 2nd of September and that day was even better than before. I met the same fantastic people, shall I tell you why I like all the people that work at Leicester Charity link? It’s because they always have a smile on their faces.

But the main thing is how much money I raised from my sponsored swim.

It is a grand total of:


And my percentage is


A lot, I know!

I raised

£446.00 online


£134.00 offline

And £74.00 Gift Aid plus supplement.

Thank you for reading for my Journal.

From Amie

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