Imagine not having a bed…

Imagine sleeping on blankets on the floor each night…

Imagine not ever getting a good nights sleep because you have to share a mattress with your children ….

Imagine the impact on your self-esteem of not being able to provide this basic item for your family and seeing the impact the lack of this basic item has on their well-being….

There are many vulnerable people in our community, right now, who don’t have this basic item that so many of us take for granted.

Your donations will help to to ensure that local people in need can get a decent nights sleep.

Due to Charity Link’s unique way of working (for every £10 donated we can untap £50 from charitable trusts with funds available to support those in need) a donation of just £25 will help to provide a bed for a local person in need.

You can donate now at   Thank you.

You can read more about our work and the difference your donation will make here.


Katie and Izzy are still traumatised by their mum’s injuries from an unprovoked attack and home burglary. They have moved away from home, with their mum, to make a fresh start – leaving family, friends and school behind. Their mum bought a cooker so they could eat properly, but her money ran out and she couldn’t afford to buy beds for the girls. We provided beds for Katie and Izzy.


Susie has four children who have faced a chaotic start in life and are receiving support from a family support worker at school. The youngest three children, aged 11, 6 and 3, have been sleeping, together with their mum, on a king-sized mattress on a floor.  Susie’s 16 year old son has been sleeping on an extremely old, dirty and uncomfortable mattress. These inadequate sleeping arrangements have meant little rest for the family for some time. This has impacted on family relationships and the children’s ability to concentrate at school.  We were able to provide new beds and mattresses, helping everyone to get a decent night’s sleep – the first step towards a more settled and happy family life and ensuring the children can fulfil their potential at school.