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We are hugely grateful to Dave Nicholls and the team at Better IT (a Proud Business Supporter Club member) who is kindly setting up the Charity Link team to work remotely during this crisis period.

Whilst we continue to have skeleton staff actually in the office, it is essential to keep staff levels limited as part of our contingency plan in case any team members do have the virus – with our key aim being that whatever happens we are able to keep our services running at this critical time to ensure we can get help to those who need it, when they need it. ​

We are hugely grateful to Better IT for offering this support free of charge.​

Dave and the team have been setting numerous other clients up to work remotely (over 300 last week!) to ensure businesses can move out of the office and work efficiently and safely from home.​
Better IT have kindly offered to donate funds in support of our work when businesses access their remote working service over the coming weeks:​

⦁ There is a one off cost for setting up a company (of any size) to work remotely (free corporate anti-virus protection is provided for home PCs ) ​
⦁ The company then pays per user per month (no minimum contract length) ​
⦁ Better IT will make a donation to us each time a new business uses their Remote Working service of 50% of the set up charge.
⦁ In addition to this initial donation, Better IT will then donate 25% of the monthly fee to Charity Link. Due to our unique way of working, every £10 donated via this scheme will help to feed a family for a week! ​

So if you need help with your IT have a chat with Dave and the team and if you take advantage of their remote working services, you’ll do so knowing that you are also helping to provide essentials, such as food, to local people in need.​

(To help in these unprecedented times, Better IT is also offering every UK company free access to their online training portal which contains a series of short videos. Information on working from home, working collaboratively and looking after your mental health is included. Simply email and fill in a form to get 30 days free access).​


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