Katie’s story

Katie was struggling financially and not being able to buy the essentials she needed for herself and her children was having a severe impact their quality of life.

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Helping struggling families

Katie is a single parent to three children. She works part-time in a school but her wages are low and she has been finding it increasingly challenging to make ends meet. The cost of her daily essentials, including food and utilities, continues to rise and she also has to find the money to pay for her children to get the bus to school each day.

Katie and two of her children have celiac disease which means it is extremely important that they adhere to a strict diet. However, Katie’s cooker broke some time ago and she hasn’t been able to afford a replacement. This has meant that preparing appropriate and nourishing meals for the family has proved difficult and expensive. Katie has also been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for over two years and as the property currently has a problem with damp, the mattress itself has become damp and soiled and Katie has been suffering with back issues due to sleeping on the floor for such a long period.

Katie has fallen behind on the payments on her utilities and this has been causing her a lot of upset; she doesn’t want to fall further into arrears and could see no way of being able to buy or save for the cooker and bed that she so desperately needed. This has meant that her self-esteem and confidence has been extremely low in recent months.

Thanks to your support we have now been able to step in and help the family, providing a new bed and mattress for Katie and an electric cooker to not only help Katie to feed her family more easily, but to also take some of the significant strain off her daily challenges. Thank you

"It’s fantastic to see all the ways the community comes together to improve the lives of people in need. From undertaking challenges, to dress-up days, quizzes, raffles and cake-bakes, to donating, setting up a regular gift, volunteering or spreading the word, it all helps to ensure people living in hardship are warm, safe and fed and have the basics in life that we all deserve."

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