Peter’s story

Peter has serious mental health conditions and needed a helping hand to replace the clothing and personal hygiene products which were lost when he was moving between hospital and temporary accommodation.


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Peter has a number of complex and serious mental health conditions, including Paranoid Schizophrenia, which have led to previous detentions under the mental health act and long stays in hospital throughout his adult life. He continues to receive significant treatment and professional support to help stablise his condition and to help him have a happier and more settled future in a community setting.

However, when moving between hospital and temporary accommodation the last time Peter lost the majority of his clothing and all his personal hygiene products. With no family support or friends to go to for help, Peter was unable to afford to replace these essential items. His support team came to us for help, knowing that this was having a detrimental impact on his welfare and continued progress.

Thanks to your support we have been able to provide Peter with essential clothing and shoes and vouchers to purchase the skin and hair products he needed. Thank you.

"It’s fantastic to see all the ways the community comes together to improve the lives of people in need. From undertaking challenges, to dress-up days, quizzes, raffles and cake-bakes, to donating, setting up a regular gift, volunteering or spreading the word, it all helps to ensure people living in hardship are warm, safe and fed and have the basics in life that we all deserve."

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