Charity Link on Central News

Look out for our Director Susan McEniff on Central News this evening talking about the ending of the Universal Credit bonus payment which was withdrawn by the Government today.

Like most, Charity Link believes that this vital payment should be reinstated to ensure that people on low incomes are warm, safe and fed.

Susan says: “Given that Universal claimants have doubled in Leicester from 20,000 in March 2020 to 45,000 in June 2021 – this is going to have a devastating impact on local people. Losing £80 a month will mean that people will simply go without the very basic of essential items – making extremely difficult decisions of either putting the heating on, feeding your family or buying warm winter clothes. Something that we see everyday here at Charity Link.

This support needs to be reinstated ASAP and made permanent so that the most vulnerable in our society are protected and supported.”

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