Charity Link’s e Christmas card

If you prefer to send some festive cheer electronically this year then we have created a Christmas ‘e-card’ for you! Forward this (jpeg) image on to friends, family and colleagues; the card lets them know that you are sending seasonal joy and that you have chosen to make a donation (of your choice – we suggest £10) to support local people and children in need rather than send traditional cards.  You can also use this as your header / image on social media.

If you do support us this way, please reference ‘Snowman Family’ if you can with your donation so we know the reason for your support.

Download the e-card here or email for a copy to share.

Alternatively you can also send an online card via Give Cards on – simply give a donation (which comes straight to us when you choose Charity Link – listed on this site as Leicester Charity Link) and choose your card.

Thank you for your support.

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