Christmas gifts that change lives

Give an extra special gift this Christmas!

We have a range of gifts available to buy in our online shop which will help to change the lives of local people in need.

You may like to simply buy a gift to make a massive difference. Thank you! 

Or, you may like to buy a special gift/s and give it to a friend, family member or colleague who may appreciate this much more than being presented with ‘stuff’ they don’t need or really want.  Instead, together you can change lives in need during the cost of living crisis!

We can also send you personalised gifts to pass on to those you are buying gifts on behalf of.

Range of gifts available*:

£15 which we can turn into £75 – to help feed a family for a week

£20 which we can turn into £100 – to help heat a home for two weeks

£35 which we can turn into £175 – to provide a bed

£50 which we can turn into £250 – to provide a cooker for a family in need

£200 which we can turn into £1,000 – to help set up a new home after a period of homelessness

(Please tick ‘collect from Charity Link office’ to ensure postage is not added to your order).

*Due to our unique way of working, untapping funds from charitable trusts, we can turn every £10 donated into £50 of essential items and support.  The whole £50 goes to provide essential items/support.

We reserve the right to use your donation to provide the essential item/support most needed by clients at any given time.

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