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Christmas gifts that change lives

Why not spread warmth this Christmas by giving an extra special gift!….

Imagine not having a bed.

Imagine your child sleeping on the floor, sharing with siblings or even trying to find comfort in the bath at night as they don’t have a bed of their own.

Bed poverty is more common than you might imagine and last year we provided nearly 700 beds for people and children in need.

Our unique way of working means that you can give a special gift by ‘buying a bed’ for £35.  This can be life-changing.

‘Beds’ are available to purchase in our online shop (if you’d prefer to give another item get in touch).

If you are buying a bed on behalf of someone else (much better than ‘stuff’ they don’t need/won’t use!) and you would like us to send you a special personalised gift certificate to pass on, just let us know.

This can be a special Christmas gift certificate or if you’d like to gift for a birthday or other occasion, just let us know.

Available in our online shop now or email rachel.markham@charity-link.org for more details.

Alternatively you could give*:

£10 which we can turn into £50 – to help heat a home for a week

£15 which we can turn into £75 – to help feed a family for a week

£50 which we can turn into £250 – to provide a cooker for a family in need

£150 which we can turn into £750 – to help set up a new home after a period of homelessness

*For every £10 donated we can untap £50 from charitable trusts for people in need- the whole £50 goes to provide essential items for people in need

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