Festive Five Bed Challenge

Did you know?… that one in three children in Leicester and one in five children in Northampton are living in poverty (and these figures don’t take the impact of the pandemic into account).

This Christmas, how would you and your colleagues like to change the lives of five local families in need (including those impacted by COVID-19) by supporting our Festive Five Bed Challenge?

All you have to do is raise £125 between now and Christmas!

Charity Link works in a unique way which means for every £10 donated we can untap £50 from charitable trusts for those in need. This means that by raising just £125 you could help to provide five beds to those in need in our local community.  AMAZING!

We know these are extremely difficult times for many. Along with changing local lives, we hope that supporting this challenge will give teams a positive focus as we approach Christmas.

Let us know that you are taking part and tag us in your social media posts #FestiveFiveBedChallenge

When you’ve raised £125 get in touch and we’ll let you know how to donate and send you your special certificate to proudly display.


Help make five times the difference:

Can you spread the word and encourage five other businesses you know to lend their support too?


Share your support

Share your fundraising efforts and support on social media (tagging Charity Link and #festivefivebedchallenge) or send details to rachel.markham@charity-link.org so we can share them with our supporters.


Fundraising ideas:

  • Virtual Christmas quiz – along with colleagues, get friends and family involved
  • Team (virtual) ‘No Talent’ show
  • Sponsored Christmas jumper or dress up day
  • Grow the best Santa beard
  • Tombola or raffle of promises
  • Virtual karaoke
  • Guess the number of ‘cranberries’ (red jellybeans) in the jar
  • Gaming tournament
  • 10k daily step challenge
  • Bauble or Gingerbread man decorating competition – pay to enter….
  • Sleigh building competition (get your cardboard and sticky tape ready..)


Helen was referred to Charity Link by a support worker. Helen is still coming to terms with the death of her partner and her distressing situation has been made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic as she was furloughed from her job and is struggling financially. Helen’s son’s bed had broken but she couldn’t afford a replacement.  Thanks to your support we were able to provide this vital item.

Help us to support more local families in need.

Because everyone deserves a bed.


Layla was referred to us for help by the British Red Cross.

Life had been a struggle for Layla even before the COVID-19 lockdown; she was juggling being a single parent to her young daughter whilst also maintaining two part-time jobs part. During the first lockdown she was furloughed but her employment was ended in the autumn after the initial scheme finished. This was a huge blow to Layla who had always worked to provide for her family.

She’d had to move into an unfurnished property and was trying to get by on a very limited amount of hardship vouchers a week for food and essentials until her application for Universal Credit was processed. But, with no way of affording a much needed bed, she was spending each night sleeping on the floor with her little girl which was adding to Layla’s distress.

Thanks to you we were able to provide a double bed, which Layla was keen to share with her daughter.