Climb Mount Everest Challenge

Thanks for your interest in Climbing Everest – virtually! – to help local people in need.

At the start of the COVID-19 crisis we asked supporters to take part and to Climb Everest in their own homes (around 58k steps!) to raise funds as our planned fundraising activities were cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic – at a time when we knew more and more vulnerable people were going to need support.

We are extremely grateful for the support received – including a NCS Team who took part and were featured in the Leicester Mercury for their efforts.

If you would like to help to ensure that local people in need are warm, safe and fed, you can take on your own Climb Everest Challenge at any time (or choose another mountain to climb!) and we’d be delighted to provide a thank you certificate at the end.  If you would like a Charity Link t-shirt for promotional purposes or any other support, please get in touch – we’d love to hear about your efforts to raise funds.  Please also tag us (@charitylink) in your media posts! Some details on the originally challenge can be found below – any questions please email 

**Spring Climb Mount Everest Challenge**

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first people to climb Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, reaching the summit on May 29th 1953. As we remain in lockdown and as many of us are looking to get fitter and keep active, we are re-launching our Climb Mount Everest Challenge! Can you reach the top of the mountain by 29th May? At 29,029 ft high (or 8,848 meters) it’s calculated it takes 58,070 steps to get to the summit. Calculate how many flights of your stairs you need to climb (or you can use a single step / your aerobic stepper to reach the top) and decide your target for each day / week. Set up a sponsorship page and raise vital funds to buy essential items to help change the lives of those in need.  Email to let us know you are joining in the Challenge. If you’d like a t-shirt for promotional purposes let us know. Once you’ve completed your mountain challenge, let us know and we’ll send you a special certificate – with medals for those raising £100+ 

You can find the event listed on Justgiving here and link your own page to our event page.  If you need any help please get in touch.

Climb Mount Everest to help local people in need!  Have you got what it takes to take on the Charity Link Climb Mount Everest Challenge! ​

⦁ Get motivated​
⦁ Keep healthy, get fit​
⦁ Help ensure we can continue to provide the basics in life that we all deserve to local people in need by getting sponsored​
⦁ Help spread the word of our work by sharing your efforts on social media! ​

All you have to do is climb Mount Everest!! ​

Mount Everest is 29,029 ft high ( or 8,848 meters). It’s calculated it takes 58,070 steps to get to the summit, or based on 15 steps on a flight of stairs, that’s 3,871 times up the stairs (you might want to work your own target based on the number of steps at home).​

How it works​
⦁ Try out going up and down the stairs over a 10 minute period if you can – and see how many flights you can comfortably and safely achieve – this will help you set your daily ‘flight’ goal (remember you’ve got to go down as well as up, as any good mountaineer, but only count the flights up!) ​.  You might find it easier to just go up and down the bottom step or use an aerobic step.

⦁ Set your individual or family goals

⦁ Fill in your goal sheet: download here as a PDF or as a Word document

⦁ Ask your contacts to support you. Based on the calculations above, if you get sponsored 10p for each flight, you could raise £387.10! You could ask people to sponsor you 1p a flight – that’s £38.71 if you make the summit – which Charity Link can turn into £193.55 of essential support**​

Based our calculations, to climb Mount Everest during a 42 day challenge you’ll be taking on 92 flights of stairs per day – quite a feat for one person but you may want to take this on!! You can do it in one go as a huge fitness challenge each day, or space this throughout the day. ​(Alternatively you may want to split the challenge between all the members in your household or do the challenge over 60 days …. ).

You can also choose a different climbing challenge. Other choices include climbing: ​

⦁ Canary Wharf Tower – 1,600 steps ​
⦁ Ben Nevis – 8,810 steps​
⦁ Mount Kilimanjaro – 38,680 steps ​

Remember to share your efforts on social media, tagging @charitylink or @charity-link-official and use the #charitylinkclimbeverest to help us raise awareness at this critical time.​

We can’t wait to hear how your challenge is going. You can set up your own online fundraising pages or donate through any of the usual means. ​

Please to get in touch if you plan to take part (email and we look forward to seeing your photos / videos on social media.​

Please only take on a challenge suitable for your level of fitness. If you ever feel dizzy or unwell stop immediately and be careful on each step -particularly coming down.​

Go Mountaineers! ​

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” (Sir Edmund Hillary)​
“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!” (Dr. Seuss)​


 Thank you.

**For every £10 raised / donated we can untap £50 from charitable trusts cross the UK – all of that £50 goes to provide essential items and support for local people in need.​


(Thanks to Designeering for creating our challenge logo!)