Climb Mount Everest Challenge

Climb Mount Everest to help local people in need during the crisis!

As we all know things have changed out of all recognition over these last couple of weeks:​

⦁ Many people are confined to their homes.​
⦁ Charity fundraising events and challenges have been cancelled. We are expecting a loss of income of at least 50% due to the Covid-19 crisis.​
⦁ People can’t get out to the gym or undertake a lot of their usual fitness activities.​
⦁ It is vital that Charity Link is able to continue to support local people in need at this time of crisis….​

So…combining all these aspects we are introducing our ​

‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ Climb Mount Everest Stair Climb Challenge! ​

⦁ Get motivated​
⦁ Keep healthy, get fit​
⦁ Help ensure we can continue to provide the basics in life that we all deserve to local people in need by getting sponsored​
⦁ Help spread the word of our work by sharing your efforts on social media! ​

All you have to do is climb Mount Everest!! ​

Mount Everest is 29,029 ft high ( or 8,848 meters). It’s calculated it takes 58,070 steps to get to the summit, or based on 15 steps on a flight of stairs, that’s 3,871 times up the stairs (you might want to work your own target based on the number of steps at home).​

How it works​
⦁ Try out going up and down the stairs over a 10 minute period if you can – and see how many flights you can comfortably and safely achieve – this will help you set your daily ‘flight’ goal (remember you’ve got to go down as well as up, as any good mountaineer, but only count the flights up!) ​

⦁ Set your individual or family goals  (our challenge officially started on 30th March to last for six weeks – ending on Sunday 10th May to give 42 days to climb Mount Everest – but you can run your challenge from / until any period you wish)

⦁ Fill in your goal sheet: download here as a PDF or as a Word document

⦁ Ask your contacts to support you. Based on the calculations above, if you get sponsored 10p for each flight, you could raise £387.10! You could ask people to sponsor you 1p a flight – that’s £38.71 if you make the summit – which Charity Link can turn into £193.55 of essential support**​

Based our calculations, to climb Mount Everest during the 42 day challenge you’ll be taking on 92 flights of stairs per day – quite a feat for one person but you may want to take this on!! You can do it in one go as a huge fitness challenge each day, or space this throughout the day. ​(Alternatively you may want to split the challenge between all the members in your household or extend the challenge period for another week or two).

You can also choose a different climbing challenge. Other choices include climbing: ​

⦁ Canary Wharf Tower – 1,600 steps ​
⦁ Ben Nevis – 8,810 steps​
⦁ Mount Kilimanjaro – 38,680 steps ​

Remember to share your efforts on social media, tagging @charitylink or @charity-link-official and use the #charitylinkclimbeverest to help us raise awareness at this critical time.​

We can’t wait to hear how your challenge is going. You can set up your own online fundraising pages or donate through any of the usual means. ​

Please to get in touch if you plan to take part (email and we look forward to seeing your photos / videos on social media.​

Please only take on a challenge suitable for your level of fitness. If you ever feel dizzy or unwell stop immediately and be careful on each step -particularly coming down.​

Go Mountaineers! ​

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” (Sir Edmund Hillary)​
“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!” (Dr. Seuss)​


If, rather than climb Mount Everest, you would prefer to simply donate to our special Covid-19 campaign page, you can do so here.  Thank you.

*Start and finish your challenge within your own timeline if you prefer​
**For every £10 raised / donated we can untap £50 from charitable trusts cross the UK – all of that £50 goes to provide essential items and support for local people in need.​


(Thanks to Designeering for creating our challenge logo!)