Continuing to make a massive difference

Thanks to the support of the local community are continuing to make a massive difference during the Covid-19 pandemic and have helped to change the lives of many vulnerable local people:

  • So far, since the start of the pandemic lock-down in March, we’ve received 774 requests for help (379 requests were from those directly impacted by the pandemic).
  • We’ve helped 1,568 people, of which 637 were children
  • We’ve distributed 1,141 essential goods worth £162,316.87 including food, clothing, beds, cookers, fridges and household items including kettles and microwaves.

Thank you to the many individuals, businesses, Trusts and Organisations (including most recently Hastings Direct, Skipton Building Society and Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation ) for your vital support.

You can continue to lend your support here or why not get involved in our #StridesApart2020 fundraiser this September?

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