Imagine not being able to provide a hot meal for your family in winter…

This is the harsh reality for many local people.

Your donations will help to keep families healthy and warm this winter.

Due to Charity Link’s unique way of working (for every £10 donated we can untap £50 from charitable trusts with funds available to support those in need) a donation of £50 will buy a cooker for a family so they can cook hot meals.

You can donate now at   Thank you.

You can read more about our work and the difference your donation will make here.



Aalia’s story

Aalia and her four children (the youngest aged six) found themselves homeless when their landlord evicted them at short notice to sell the property. Staying in a hostel for some time, Aalia worked part time as a cleaner and casually as a carer for a friend’s disabled children. She was in receipt of limited benefits and her income was very low. Their previous accommodation was furnished and they had left only with their clothing. The family were moving forward with their lives and had a new property to go to, but this was unfurnished and Aalia had no way to provide the essential items needed to it a home.

We were able to provide over £600 worth of items to Aalia, including a fridge, bedding and a cooker to help the family stay warm, healthy and to help ensure they could move on with their lives.