Your support this Christmas really does make a difference…

Fay (60) is a widower who lives in rented accommodation with her son and her seven year old grand-daughter.

Fay was employed until an injury sustained at work left her with limited mobility and in constant pain. Her son is now her main carer and as such the family have an extremely limited income.  This meant that when the family’s cooker broke they didn’t have the funds to buy a replacement. The family were facing a Christmas with no way of enjoying a hot meal together.

Fay burst into tears of happiness when our team told her that we were providing a new cooker and that she would have it in time for Christmas.

This is only possible thanks to your support.  Thank you for making this family’s Christmas much happier.

You can change more lives this Christmas and for the weeks, months and even years ahead by supporting our Christmas campaign today.  Click here to give a special gift this Christmas.  Due to our unique way of working, a donation of £40 would buy a cooker for another family like Fay’s.

A donation of £5 will help to heat a home for a week.

A donation of £25 will buy a bed for a child


Thank you.