Leicester Business Networking

Thank you so much to Barbara von Ow Hulme and all at Leicester Business Networking for supporting our work.

The group donates half of all new member joining fees to Charity Link and has raised well over £2,000 so far!

To find out more about the group, visit the website or call Barbara on 07916 331 788

Barbara, founder of the group, said in October 2018:


Networking group helps raise £12,000 worth of funding for local charity

Did you know that Leicester Business Networking is no ordinary networking group? As well as being a fabulous platform for local business owners, to connect, share and grow, one of our missions, is to generate funds for Charity Link, a great local charity, that supports vulnerable people and children. This month our support has reached a milestone of helping Charity Link with £12,000 worth of donations! Wow, we are actually quite blown away by that!


“I’m hugely proud of our group, how we bring people together to support each other and to give back to the community. I set up the group originally to keep in touch over lunch with great people I used to network with in various networking groups, however it quickly grew into something much bigger,”says Barbara von Ow Hulme, who founded the group in 2014. “My intention was never to make a big profit, but rather to give me a platform to network for my own business helping people save money on all their essential household bills as well as shopping, travel and fun stuff.”

“We only introduced membership fees about 2 years ago to make sure people who joined as members were serious with their commitment and so this was a great opportunity to give back and support Charity Link.”

Since then half of the yearly membership fees (currently £120), so £60 per member is being donated to the local charity and through the charity’s unique way of working – for every £10 donated they can untap £50 of funding from charitable trusts – the donations made so far have generated £12,000 of funds for local people in need.