Charity Link Sleepover

Thank you to everyone who supported our 2020 Sleepover on 24th January which helped to raise over £4,000!

If you are interested in joining us for our 2021 Sleepover, the date for your diary is Friday 29th January.  Email to be one of the first to receive our information pack in the autumn.


About our annual Sleepover 

Imagine not being able to afford to turn on the heating, washing in cold water or going without a hot meal. Imagine sleeping on blankets on the floor because you don’t have a bed or deciding each night between “eating or heating” ….

This is the stark reality for many vulnerable local people.

By joining us for the unique experience of the Charity Link Sleepover, you will be helping to ensure that local people in need are warm, safe and fed this winter.

Join members of the Charity Link team and supporters from 8pm on Friday to 8am on Saturday to sleep out at the charity court-yard in Leicester city centre on Millstone Lane. Whilst it’s a tough experience (little warmth, comfort or sleep!) we are sure there will be a great atmosphere, interesting chat and a unique sense of solidarity.

Warm drinks and soup will be provide and there is also a break-out room if you need to warm up or take some time out. Whilst the courtyard is outside, we do have a tunnel area to provide some shelter if it rains (or snows!). In the morning, there will be a warm breakfast cob to get you going.  You simply need warm clothing, a sleeping bag and a sense of adventure!

(We will of course be mindful of the pandemic throughout our planning and at the event and will adhere to specific COVID-19 rules at the time.  Places will be limited).

We first held the Charity Link Sleepover in January 2018 and it was a great success, raising vital funds (over £2,500!) whilst being a unique experience for those taking part. (Feedback can be found below).

The idea is that people come together to start the new year off by doing something special to help others.  By experiencing a little hardship for just one night (braving the cold of January and going without the usual comforts of a comfy warm bed) we raise funds to help provide the essentials that we all deserve, no matter what crisis, illness, disability or difficulty we may be facing.

We ask all guests to fundraise / get sponsored for taking part to help provide more essential items (such as a winter coat, a bed, help with utilities) for people in need.  The more you raise, the bigger difference you will make! And, due to Charity Link’s unique way of working (untapping funds from charitable trusts) for every £10 raised you will actually help to provide £50 worth of items, which means…

  • Raise £40 to buy a cooker for a family so they can cook hot meals
  • Raise £100 to help by essential items to set up a family after a period of homelessness
  • Raise £200 to provide beds for four children currently sleeping on the floor or on a sofa…

So dig out your sleeping bag and thermals and join us for a very special experience…

(Please note:  For health and safety reasons, guests should not bring their own alcohol to the Sleepover- thank you)



To read the article in Roundabout Hinckley Magazine with supporter Julie Jordan-Spence who took part in our 2020 sleepover, click here.


Debbie “It was humbling, tough, illuminating and grounding. A way to really connect with people and with what really matters in life that l couldn’t have quite imagined beforehand. Thank you for doing this and raising much needed awareness”.

Anna“I was inspired to take part to help raise awareness about the hardship that many local people are facing. It was a great experience and truly insightful. For me, knowing that the challenge is just for the night  and next morning I will be able to go home was very comforting. But I can imagine that for people who can never feel truly rested, clean or fed it must be extremely hard. And you can just imagine what tremendous strength and character it would take to get life back on track after having endured something like that. From the glimpse of the experience that we had, I can see how hardship can bring s sense of despair and isolation and this reminded me how important it is not to judge people. 

I am very grateful to Charity Link who support people through such challenging times. I would like to encourage more people to participate in such events.  If instead of noticing the hardship and ignoring it or being angry about it, we become part of the solution, it can bring great sense of belonging. Initiatives like that, not only help to make a real difference but also go a great way in helping us to be positive  about where we live and connected to people in our communities.”

Nick :“I foolishly thought that sleeping rough for 1 night would be a breeze. I was so wrong!”