Charity Link Sleepover

Join us for the Charity Link Sleepover 2022

The date for your diary is Friday 28th January.  Email to register your interest and we’ll send you details towards the end of the year.  We hope that the the 2022 event will see a combination of people joining us at the Charity Link office courtyard in Leicester city centre, with others also taking part in their own home – your sleepover, your way!


2021 Event update:

Huge thanks to everyone who supported the Charity Link Sleepover 2021, which took place on 29th January.

The event raised a fantastic £1998!

We had lots of young guests this year which was great to see.  Whether you slept out in a tent in the garden for the night (we did see photos of tents with ice and snow on top!) or for those who camped out in dens under tables in the house – a massive thank you!

For every £25 you’ve raised Charity Link will be able to provide a bed for someone who doesn’t have this basic item which so many of us are lucky enough to take for granted.  We’ll also provide essential items such as winter clothing, school uniforms, cookers, washing machines…your support really will help to improve the lives of so many people.

It was great to see photos of everyone in their Sleepover hats (kindly donated by Everything Community) and drinking their hot chocolate (kindly donated by Asda, Oadby store).

Until next year – thank you!!!!

Read a feature on the 2021 Sleepover featured in the Leicester Mercury here

Donate to the Charity Link team online sponsorship page –


About the Charity Link Sleepover – Friday 29th January*.

The funds you raise will help vulnerable people throughout Leicester, Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire who are living without the basics in life that we all deserve, such as food and the ability to cook a hot meal, adequate winter clothing, a warm bed and heating.

Your support will help people who have been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and also the wider community who are experiencing hardship, including those impacted by family breakdown, domestic violence, illness and disability and families simply struggling to make ends meet.

How it works:

• Register your place – this is just £5 per household – then tell us on your registration form how many adults and children are taking part.  (Signing up helps with the cost of administrating the event / welcome packs).

• We’ll send you your guest pack  (Huge thanks to Everything Community for supporting us with special Sleepover hats for the first 50 people signing up for this unique event).

• On the night get your thermals, woolly onesie and sleeping bag ready to go without the usual home comforts – and by doing so help people who are living with daily hardship.

You can decide how you’d like to take part in the 2021 Sleepover – it basically means giving up the comfort of your warm bed for the whole or part of the night:

  • You can choose to sleep out in your garden (or garage or shed or tent …) for the whole night (the challenge usually runs from 8pm until 8am the next morning).
  • Take part in the mini-sleepover! If you can’t take part for the whole night, why not take part in our mini-sleepover between 8pm and 10pm.
  • Particularly if you are taking part with children, you may prefer to stay inside but can choose to sleep on the floor, take away the duvet and / or turn the heating off (we commonly provide beds for children who don’t have one of their own – by taking part you will be helping to ensure more children have a bed). Set up your ‘den’ and have a chat about the things most of us take for granted.
  • Get friends, family and colleagues involved – virtually!  Organise a ‘sleepover relay’!  You could spend an hour or two braving the outdoors before handing the ‘virtual’ batten over to another member of your team in order to have the night covered.  Share experiences online with others taking part to help keep spirits up during the night.
  • Share your experiences via our Facebook page – encourage others and share experiences and tips!
  • After the night let us know how you got on (we’d love to see photos too), what you raised and we’ll send you your Sleepover certificate!

Yes – I’m in!

Complete the event registration form (download here).

You can buy your household registration in the online shop or see the registration form for other ways to sign up. (Children must take part with a parent / carer).

** Please note:  We are currently experiencing some temporary issues with online paypal payment via our shop.  You can instead pay your registration fee by BACs Transfer (electronic bank transfer) using the following details:
Our account: Leicester Charity Organisation Society Ltd
Account Number: 03253310
Sort Code: 30: 94 : 97

(Please include your name and ‘sleepover’ as a reference and let us know payment has been made this way when sending your registration form back to or contact us for more information. Thank you so much and sorry for any inconvenience. **


Don’t forget to get fundraising!  (Our event is listed on Just Giving)

Whatever you raise you will make a massive difference.

Remember that for every £10 you raise we can untap £50 from charitable trusts.  This means…

  • Raise £10 to help feed a family in need for a week
  • Raise £25 to buy a bed for someone who doesn’t have their own
  • Raise £40 to buy a cooker for a family so they can cook hot meals
  • Raise £100 to help by essential items to set up a family after a period of homelessness
  • Raise £200 to provide beds for four children currently sleeping on the floor or on a sofa…

Keep following this page and our social media pages for more #CharityLinkSleepover updates over the coming days.

We look forward to welcoming you to as a Sleepover guest.


*If, for whatever reason, 29th January does not work for you, please do take part in the Sleepover on another day.  The main thing is to get involved and make a difference!

All participants take part at their own risk. Please be mindful of conditions on the night and amend your plans accordingly, particularly if it is a particularly cold or rainy / snowy night.  Read up on signs of hyperthermia prior to the event and make sure you have someone to check on you during the night if you are planning to sleepout.


Thanks to Designeering for their help with branding for this event.


Feedback from past sleepovers  

To read the article in Roundabout Hinckley Magazine with supporter Julie Jordan-Spence who took part in our 2020 sleepover, click here.

Debbie “It was humbling, tough, illuminating and grounding. A way to really connect with people and with what really matters in life that l couldn’t have quite imagined beforehand. Thank you for doing this and raising much needed awareness”.

Anna“I was inspired to take part to help raise awareness about the hardship that many local people are facing. It was a great experience and truly insightful. For me, knowing that the challenge is just for the night  and next morning I will be able to go home was very comforting. But I can imagine that for people who can never feel truly rested, clean or fed it must be extremely hard. And you can just imagine what tremendous strength and character it would take to get life back on track after having endured something like that. From the glimpse of the experience that we had, I can see how hardship can bring s sense of despair and isolation and this reminded me how important it is not to judge people. 

I am very grateful to Charity Link who support people through such challenging times. I would like to encourage more people to participate in such events.  If instead of noticing the hardship and ignoring it or being angry about it, we become part of the solution, it can bring great sense of belonging. Initiatives like that, not only help to make a real difference but also go a great way in helping us to be positive  about where we live and connected to people in our communities.”

Nick :“I foolishly thought that sleeping rough for 1 night would be a breeze. I was so wrong!”