3 Peaks testimonials

Don’t take our word for it…

Fifteen year old Georgia took part in the first Charity Link Leicestershire 3 Peaks Challenge in 2016:

“I heard about the event from my dad who told me that if I wanted to, I could do the walk. Of course I did, as it was going to be a good challenge and also the fact that I love fundraising for charity!

On the day, everyone involved met up in Bradgate Park. We all had hot drinks and our walking gear ready- it was a cold morning! After a talk and a photo, we were off!

I found that the first few hours were the toughest, as your body was getting used to the fact that you were walking such distances. As the morning progressed, my legs adjusted to the slopes and landscape, meaning that it got much easier.

The most memorable part would be when we reached halfway. Dad took a photo of us and then we had a bit of lunch. We chatted to the other walkers and admired the scenery. It was beautiful and a great place for a halfway point!

Taking part in this walk gave me a chance to see Leicestershire like never before. The hills were breath taking and you could get closer to the wildlife.

I’d recommend the walk to others as it’s a great way to meet new people and to challenge yourself. I personally would never of thought about walking 16 miles, but I am glad I did it as it was a new experience and I am always up for an adventure!”

Jeff said of his experience:

“I saw the advertisement for the Leicestershire 3 Peaks Challenge and thought what a great way to help a local charity and enjoy a ‘nice walk in the sun’!

It really was a great day, by walking that route you had the time to take in some great views and landmarks that you normally just drive by and miss, and the walk was made all the more easy by the ‘tea and cake’ stops along the route.

The atmosphere amongst everyone taking part was great, we were from all ‘walks’ of life who came together to spend the day walking around Leicestershire, getting to know each other, and raising money for a fantastic local charity that helps local people in need.

A couple of blisters and tired legs by the end of the walk, but well worth it and book me in for next year!!.”

Simon ran the challenge in 2017:

“I’ve done a few charity runs in the past, and this has to be the most enjoyable run that I have done… the scenery is amazing, the route is challenging, and the map reading needs that extra bit of attention! It was a lovely, friendly crowd of people coming together to raise funds for people in need in the area. I would recommend running this route to any trail runner in Leicestershire!!”