Wear A Funky Scarf Day

Wear a Funky Scarf Day is this Friday (25th June)!

Show your support by sharing your Scarf Selfie on the day!  Use #funkyscarfday and

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Help to raise vital awareness and funds to keep local people warm, safe and fed.  Due to COVID-19 more local families than ever are in need of your help.

Charity Link works throughout Leicester, Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire to support local people in hardship and crisis.  We provide emergency support such as food and grants for utilities and also provide essential items to improve quality of life, including clothing (including winter coats, boots, and school uniforms), beds and cookers.  Our aims is that all local people are warm, safe and fed, not matter what crisis, illness, disability or difficulty they may be experiencing.

Each year Wear a Funky Scarf Day raises vital funds to provide essential items and support for local people in need. Find out more about work and how your support of Wear a Funky Scarf Day will help to change lives here.

Did you know that for every £10 you raise by supporting Wear a Funky Scarf Day will be helping to provide £50 worth of essential items for local people in need?

That means, if you raise £25 you could actually provide a bed for a local child in need to ensure they can a comfortable, warm nights sleep – that’s pretty amazing!!  Find out more here.

Who can take part?

That’s easy – anyone and everyone!  Just dig out your favourite, most funky or team scarf or other neckwear.  Give a donation of your choice or organise fundraising activity of your own!

For ways to donate click here

Schools and colleges – Wear a Funky Scarf Day is great for fundraising and for discussing the issues of local hardship.  Read our dedicated information page here.

Parents Please download a copy of our template letter asking your child’s school to support Wear A Funky Scarf Day. We really need more schools and colleagues to get involved in 2021 and would appreciate your help in highlighting the day to head teachers!

Workplace fundraising –  Our simple dress up day is a great way for local businesses and their teams to show support for the most vulnerable people in Leicester, Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire.  Get in touch for leaflets, stickers and to tell us of your support – we’d love to see photos to share on our online.

 Free stickers, posters, leaflets and balloons are available to promote the day – just get in touch to tell us what you need to help make your event a success! We can also send you a certificate after the event to celebrate your fundraising.

You can download our promotional posters here:

We are supporting Wear a Funky Scarf Day poster (PDF)

Get involved poster (PDF)

Contact rachel.markham@charity-link.org or call 0116 222 2218 with any questions, to order resources or to let us know that you will be supporting Wear a Funky Scarf Day to help change local lives!

*If the official Wear a Funky Scarf ‘Day’ is not convenient, we’d be delighted for you to run your own Wear a Funky Scarf Day at any point throughout the year, and can provide posters, stickers etc. to support you.  Please just get in touch to tell us what you need to help make your event a success (email  rachel.markham@charity-link.org or call 0116 222 2218).

Spread the word !  A huge part of Wear a Funky Scarf Day is raising awareness – you can help by simply donning your scarf and posting a photo on your own social media pages on the day showing that you are lending your support. 

Tag us and use the hashtag #funkyscarfday 

Thank you

About Wear a Funky Scarf Day

Why ‘Wear a Funky Scarf Day’?  
The concept is simple; donate an amount of your choice or gain sponsorship for wearing your scarf for the day and by doing so help to support local people in hardship or crisis. Launched in 2015, Charity Link’s Wear a Funky Scarf Day is a fantastic opportunity for individuals, schools and businesses to get involved in a fun fundraising event to help beat the post-Christmas blues, whilst also making a huge difference to our communities most vulnerable people. It is a reality that many cannot afford to keep themselves warm over winter, but with your help we can support many more individuals and families. Money raised will help those in fuel poverty and those having to make choices between ‘eating or heating’.  Funds raised will also help to by essentials such as winter clothing, beds and bedding and cookers so that families can have hot meals.

You can choose a well-worn multi-coloured scarf that your mum knit for you years ago, a feather boa, an animal hat & scarf combo, cravat, head-scarf, shawl or stole, just make sure you get involved!

How do we get involved?
It is really easy to get your school or business involved;  You can contact us for a fundraising pack (for leaflets, stickers, balloons etc.) or simply promote the day and send you donations (and we’d love to see photos too) to us – details of paying in funds can be found below.

Can we take part on a different day?
Yes – if the official date is not convenient we’d be delighted for you to run your dress up day anytime you choose.

How do we pay in the money raised?
Online donation – Visit our ‘Just Giving’ page where you can simply click on ‘donate’ button (top right of the page) and then choose the amount you wish to donate. Input your card details on this secure site and the money comes directly to us.  Please drop an email to rachel.markham@charity-link.org to let us know of the donation though and that it was in support of WFSD!

BACs Transfer (electronic bank transfer):
Our account: Leicester Charity Organisation Society Ltd
Account Number: 03253310
Sort Code: 30: 94 : 97 (Please include your name /organisation as a reference)

We’d be grateful if you could let us know of the transfer so that we can confirm receipt and of course thank you for your support. Email rachel.markham@charity-link.org.

Cheques: Made payable to Charity Link. Forward to: WFSD, Charity Link, 20a Millstone Lane, Leicester, LE1 5JN.

Cash: Drop funds in to the office (address above) during standard office hours (please include a note with your contact details so that we can thank you).

Will you send us a certificate? 
All schools and businesses that let us know of their support and donation will receive a thank you letter and certificate.  Please make sure you let us know the name and address of your school/business when paying in your donation so we know who to thank.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about taking part. We’d be happy to help!

Contact: Rachel Markham at Charity Link.  Email rachel.markham@charity-link.org or call 0116 222 2218

Celebrity supporters

Thanks to the local figures who have supported Wear A Funky Scarf Day previously, including:

Rosemary Conley CBE

Rendall Munroe – AKA The Boxing Binman

Jo  Pratt, food writer and presenter

Claire Lomas MBE – motivational speaker and funrdraiser

Thanks also to Jon Ashworth, MP for Leicester South who has been supportive of Wear a Funky Scarf Day since the start.