Collection tins

If you are a local shop, restaurant, cafe, leisure centre – basically any venue where people visit, could you display a Charity Link collection tin?

By hosting a tin where your staff/ customers /visitors can donate their spare change (or more!) you really will be helping to make a difference in your local community.

Due to our unique way of working (untapping funds from charitable trusts across the UK) for every £5 collected you will be helping to provide £25 worth of essential items for vulnerable local people!

Once the tin needs emptying, you can simply let us know and we will swap this for you, or bank the funds and send us the donation by any of the usual methods – found here.

So all you need to get started is to get in touch – email 

We’ll happily include you in our list of venues to highlight your support!

To see those who are already helping to ensure that all local people have the basics in life that we all deserve by hosting a collection tin, click here.