Schools & colleges

Charity Link is keen to work with schools and colleges throughout Leicester, Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire to raise awareness of the hardship that local people are experiencing in our local communities and to create opportunities to support fundraising activities, volunteering and enterprise schemes and citizenship programmes.

We’d love to hear from schools who may be interested in working together. We can provide lots of resources for pupils.

Our annual dress up day, ‘Wear a Funky Scarf Day’ each January, is the perfect opportunity to encourage pupils to think and discuss the issue of hardship whilst having fun and raising funds to support other children and young people.  Ideas for how schools can show their support for Wear A Funky Scarf Day – which is part of Charity Link’s Poverty Action Week activities, can be found here.

Email or call 0116 222 2218 to discuss opportunities to work together.

National Citizen Service (NCS)
Charity Link has worked with a number of student teams who have been taking part in the National Citizen Service programme.  During their social action project, teams have taken part in a range of activities to support Charity Link, including having information stands, organising discos, cake-sales and sponsored walks and bike rides. We are delighted to work with future teams and offer as much help and support as we can.