Helping to provide the essentials in life to local people in need

Don’t we all deserve the basics in life, such as a warm, safe place to sleep and adequate food and clothing?

Charity Link has been working in Leicester for over 140 years.

Throughout this time we have been providing essential items such as food, clothing, beds, cookers, along with grants for heating, to local people in need. We believe that everyone deserves these essentials, no matter what crisis, illness, disability or difficulty they may be facing.

Charity Link helps people of all ages and backgrounds, including those in need in Hinckley, Earl Shilton and throughout Leicestershire.

This is vital as Leicester has some of the highest rates of poverty in the whole of the UK (one in three children are estimated to be living in poverty in Leicester right now).

We are there to step in, often when life takes an unexpected turn. Illness, accident, redundancy, family breakdown or bereavement can all be tipping-points into financial hardship. Charity Link supports families struggling to make ends meet, carers, victims of domestic violence, vulnerable elderly people and people with mental health issues…

Whilst the essential items that Charity Link provides may not be very glamorous, they make an immense difference to quality of life, self-esteem and belief in a more positive future for those we support.  You can read more about our work here.

By supporting Charity Link you will be help to change vulnerable lives for the weeks, months and even years ahead.

How you can get involved: 

Donate now to change lives – just £5 would heat a home for a week!

Charity Link works in a unique way which means that your donation will do amazing things! For every £10 we receive we can untap £50 from charitable trusts. All of that £50 goes directly to help someone in need. This means that a donation of just £5 would actually heat a home for a week!  A donation of £40 would help to provide a cooker for a family so they can enjoy hot meals.

Donate via our on-line campaign page now!


Join us at an event

We’ve got lots coming up – including our annual ‘Wear a Funky Scarf Day’ dress up day on 24th January which is great for workplace fundraising and for local schools.

Join us for our annual Sleepover event – could you sleep out in our Leicester city centre courtyard from 8pm on Friday 24th January until 8am on Saturday 25th January?

There is also our award winning ‘A Bellyful of Laughs’ comedy night (part of the Leicester Comedy Festival) on Thursday 13th February.

Sign up to receive our newsletters 

If you’d like to continue to find out about Charity Link’s work, please email and ask to be included in our monthly e-news mailing.  This is a great way to find out about future events, how your support is making a difference and our work in your local community.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our work. You’ll find lots more information on our website on how, together, we change local lives and the many ways you can lend your support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.