Increase in the number of children and pensioners in absolute poverty

New figures from the Department of Work and Pensions show an increase in the number of children and pensioners in absolute poverty.*

The increase is largely believed to be due to the freeze in working age benefits of recent years.  There are concerns that child poverty could reach a record high in future years as welfare cuts continue.

Susan McEniff, Director at Charity Link, says: “It’s a sad indictment on our society that millions of children are living in poverty and an additional 200,000 are now living in absolute poverty. Support that was designed to help the most vulnerable is now forcing so many into desperate need.  Our founders in 1876 would never have imagined that our services would be so crucial in 2019.”

Read an article in The Guardian from 28th March 2019 on the figures here.

  • In absolute poverty if income is below 60% of the 2010-11 median income, adjusted for inflation.


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