Jon Ashworth MP and Charnwood Primary support Funky Scarf Day

Great to visit Charnwood Primary School today who are supporting #FunkyScarfDay (photos to follow) . The staff and children have been discussing the issue of local poverty all week and along with donating to change lives they have also collected for a local food bank and have decorated amazing boxes to show their support.

Jon Ashworth MP, Leicester South, who wrote to Charnwood Primary School and other schools in his area to encourage support says:

“Charity Link does an excellent job in the City and beyond in making sure that families and children in difficult circumstances have something to eat and stay warm. Funky Scarf Day is a great opportunity to get involved and help raise much needed money to help improve the lives of vulnerable children and families.”

“At the back end of last year I wrote to schools in my Constituency and I am very pleased that at least two schools are taking part in this year’s Funky Scarf Day. I am delighted that Uplands Junior LEAD Academy and Charnwood Primary are supporting this important cause and I hope that even more schools will join in next year.”

Thanks all schools taking part and to Jonathan Ashworth for your support. How are you getting involved?


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