Liz and Joel’s story

At Charity Link we believe that everyone deserves adequate food, shelter and the means to keep warm, clean and rested, not matter what crisis, illness, disability or difficulty they may be facing.

We help to make a difference to 5,000 individuals and families each year by providing essential items, including food, clothing, beds, cookers and mobility equipment.

We also believe that it is so important that everyone – particularly children and young people – have the chance to dream, to be inspired and to see wider opportunities in their local communities and beyond in order to reach their full potential in life.

Liz’s partner had left the family and went leaving behind considerable debts. Liz was unable to work at the time due to ill health and was under immense financial and emotional stress whilst trying to make a new start for herself and her six year old son, Joel.

We provided essential items to help the family move towards a more positive future. We were also delighted to pass on tickets to a Curve Christmas production, kindly donated by a supporter, in order to give the family a special day together during this extremely tough time. Liz was delighted to receive this gift and said that she didn’t want to tell Joel until the day to make it a big surprise, but she really struggled to contain her excitement!

Liz and Joel had a fantastic time and said that it had ‘made their Christmas’.

Please consider helping to brighten even more lives this Christmas by supporting our Magical Christmas event at Curve.