Online Auction of Promises Launched!

Launching today and organsied as part of Colin Derrick’s fundraising for Charity Link during his year as President of the Leicester Rotary Club, you can now place bids for a range of amazing lots in an exciting online auction of promises.  Every penny raised goes to support our work and help local people in need – so why not take a look and consider treating yourself or someone you know!…

Items can be found at ( just look for Colin’s 2019 Auction for Charity Link) and the auction runs until 14th June or click here for hte direct line to Colin’s page 

Good luck!….


The first item to get a mention, and a certain future collectors piece, is the Holton Professional (promise No.12)…A special watch, and rightly so, as it was designed and developed for the special forces. It even carries a Nato stock number. Time is also a feature of two other promises. There’s a week’s holiday, in Weybourne, on the North Norfolk coast (promise No 11), another promise that might tempt is also a week’s holiday, this time in a town house on the beautiful Wirral peninsula. (promise No2)

Closer to home, but also with a relaxing theme…What about a year’s family membership to Leicester’s own Botanic Gardens ? (Promise No.9) Then of course, there’s the opportunity to stretch the mind with a year’s membership of the Arts Society, and the treasures that unlocks. (promise No.6)

If you do have an interest in Art, then there’s a choice of original Artwork from Janet  Brunton, (promise No.5), or perhaps a print might tempt, with an offer of one of only two prints, of ’Tulips’, from renowned Botanic illustrator, Beryl Sharman. (promise No.10)

Perhaps you have a special occasion coming up? Then a cake from Emilia Forrester is for you…a choice, your own design, for that Birthday, Christening, or  Anniversary? (promise No.4) Of course, all that cake could lead to tooth decay, but don’t worry, there’s a lot for for you to bid for…from Smile Essential, a complete oral tooth-care package. (promise No.7)

If you’re a high flyer…then a flying lesson is a must. (promise No.3)

And finally…a chance to make the news!!! (Literally), as you join Maurice Flynn and Victoria Hicks in the BBC studios as they prepare, rehearse, and present the news…a unique opportunity. (promise No.1)

If all that’s too exciting, why not sit down with a cup of coffee…that’s of course when you’ve learnt how to roast, grind and serve it! (promise No.8)



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