Susan responds

Our CEO responds to new Poverty Report

Susan McEniff, our CEO, responds to the new UK Poverty Report 2024, launched yesterday by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation:

“Please take the time to read the latest release from The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, ‘UK Poverty 2024’. It is a heart-breaking read with regard to the state of the nation and the difficulties and inequalities that so many face living in today’s society.

In October 2023, around 2.8 million of the poorest fifth of households (47%) were in arrears with their household bills or behind on scheduled lending repayments, 4.2 million households (72%) were going without essentials and 3.4 million households (58%) reported not having enough money for food.

I’m so proud of the work that we do at Charity Link and the support that we receive across the community to ensure that those experiencing financial hardship do not go without basic essentials. However, more needs to be done to tackle the root causes of poverty right across our society. We need a vision to reduce poverty and a commitment from Government – whoever is in power – to act. No child should grow up living in poverty and everyone deserves a decent standard of living”.

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