Peter Jones Academy £10 Challenge

Students of the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy in Leicester were given a £10 challenge by Leicester Charity Link to raise as much as they could. The students set out on the 31st of January 2013 into Leicester to see how much money they could raise for the charity. As a whole the Leicester based Academy managed to raise a respectable amount of £167.

As the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy’s saying goes “entrepreneurs are not born they’re made” the students were keen to test this; using only the skills they had acquired since joining the academy the students took up this challenge. Excited at the possible prospects, and not knowing what to expect each group was given just £10 with the instruction of raising as much money as possible in just one day.

Just how did they raise this? The students spilt up into groups, some chose to work alone, and were given £10 per group. Each group took a different approach; the team that raised the most did so by buying trays of doughnuts and selling each doughnut for 50p at two of their college campuses, as well as selling raffle tickets. The runner up team decided to use their contacts to get a hold of cricket equipment which they then sold.

“Being given an opportunity like this is amazing as it let us use what we had learnt in the real world on our own.” Says Zaibaa Hussein, a student of Leicester’s Peter Jones Academy “Putting our entrepreneurial skills to practice as well as raising money for a good cause was an opportunity that students aren’t usually given, the willingness of staff and students to donate to the charity was touching.”

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