Planning to support Charity Link with some vital fundraising?

We need your support more than ever to help us meet the increased need for our services.

But we also need to make sure that everyone who is offering their support keeps themselves and others safe.

If you are planning to organise some fundraising activity in the coming weeks / months please always keep abreast of current government guidance in relation to the pandemic and latest distancing advice. Depending on your fundraising activity, some factors to consider include:

• Maintain an appropriate distance from others at all times. Use floor markings or signage to clearly set out the appropriate distance people should be from each other.

• Don’t organise fundraising activity in an enclosed area where social distancing cannot be maintained (such as small rooms or a narrow street).

• Ensure hand sanitisers are available and ask people to use frequently

• Wear face masks where mandatory

• Encouraging people to give their support via giving donations on an online giving page (such as Justgiving) is preferable to collecting small change at this time. For advice on setting up an online page click here.

• If people need to complete any information (such as a form for a guess the number of beans in a jar competition) people should be encouraged to use their own pen where possible or pens / clipboards etc. should be cleaned before and after each use.

For any questions on organising your fundraising support at this time, please contact Rachel at


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