Get involved in local charity’s first ‘Day of Giving’

6th June 2024

Leicester city-based organisation Charity Link, which provides essential items to people in hardship and crisis across the county, is hosting its first dedicated ‘Day of Giving’, on Friday 21st June and is looking for people to get involved to help it continue its vital work supporting over 500 local people each month.

An important day in the charity’s history, the 21st June has been chosen as in 1876 it was the day local business people and caring individuals came together to adopt the rules of its constitution, the aim being to assist those experiencing poverty on the streets of Leicester. Today, the charity continues to help people in financial hardship and crisis by providing essential items, including clothing, beds, cookers, fridges and, in emergencies, support with food and utilities.

As the demand for its services increases, firstly due to the pandemic and now the current cost of living crisis, Charity Link is asking people across the community to consider what they can ‘give’ to make a difference.

Charity Link’s CEO Susan McEniff says: “We urgently need support to ensure we can meet the huge need we are experiencing.  Our message for our first Day of Giving is that we can all give something to help improve the health, wellbeing and dignity of the most vulnerable people in our community. For some that may be a donation or organising some fundraising activity, for others, it could be using their time, ideas or enthusiasm to make a difference.

“Due to Charity Link’s unique way of working, untapping funds from charitable trusts, we can turn every £10 donated into £50 of essential items.  This means that a monthly donation of £2.92 – less than the cost of a coffee – could help to buy a bed for a child in need each year. That’s pretty amazing!”.

Other ideas to support the day include dress-up or down days, cake bakes, ‘longest’ theme fundraising to link with the summer solstice, putting up charity awareness posters, or volunteering as a Charity Link Ambassador or event helper. The charity is also looking for 75 people to donate £10 to help it raise enough to provide five beds, five cookers and five fridges for local people in need.

Charity Link works with over 250 local charities and organsiations to ensure it gets help to people who are living without the essentials needed for a decent standard of living. They include people with a chronic illness, disability, caring responsibilities, those experiencing domestic abuse, a family breakdown or unemployment and increasingly low-income families struggling to make ends meet due to rising costs.

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