Sally and Nigel

Sally and Nigel were referred to Charity Link for support.

Sally is receiving medical support for her severe anxiety and depression. At present her condition makes it extremely difficult for her to leave the house or meet new people (or even walk her children to school) which leaves her husband, Nigel, to take on much of the care for their three children, all under 8 years, and the day to day running of the home, but he is under a lot of pressure and sometimes struggles to cope. When the family’s old washing machine broke they didn’t have the funds to replace it and they were faced with washing clothes in the bathtub. This proved very arduous and left the parents feeling worried that their children may be bullied due to not having their clothes properly cleaned. Whilst Nigel had tried visited the laundrette, this proved prohibitively expensive and difficult as he needed to be at home to care for the children.

Charity Link was able to help with a washing machine to make family life that much easier.