Statement in response to Prime Minister’s announcement

In response to the energy price cap announced by the Prime Minister today, Susan McEniff, CEO of Charity Link, responds:

“Whilst we welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement today regarding a reduction in the energy price cap, which will no doubt bring reassurance to some, the reality remains that the cost of energy will be significantly higher than it has been previously – and this is quite simply too high for people and families on low incomes.

Increases in the cost of living, including the cost of food, mean that vulnerable people are already unable to pay for all the daily essentials they need. They have cut back on everything possible and still cannot make ends meet. 

At Charity Link we have seen an increase in requests for help throughout the summer, with many citing that the cost of living crisis is having a direct impact on their lives.  Today’s announcement certainly does not mean we won’t see this increase continue over the autumn and winter. 

We believe further action is urgently needed by the Government to support the most vulnerable people in our communities or they will continue to face devastating choices, such as eating or heating, or going into debt. 

Charity Link is continuing to work passionately to ensure that people who are living without the basic essentials in life that we all deserve, including a bed, adequate clothing, food and utilities are given support.”

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