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Support Charity Link’s first Day of Giving on 21st June!

We need your support for our first dedicated ‘Day of Giving’

21st June is an important day in our long history: in 1876 it was the day local business people and caring individuals came together to meet and adopt the rules of our constitution, the aim being to assist local people experiencing poverty.

Today, we continue to help people in financial hardship through the provision of essential items, including clothing, beds, cookers, fridges and, in emergencies, support with food and utilities.

As the demand for our services increases, firstly due the pandemic and now the current cost of living crisis, we are asking people across the community to come together to lend your support for our first Day of Giving and to consider what you can ‘give’ to make a difference!

Our message is ‘We can all do something to help improve the health, wellbeing and dignity of the most vulnerable people in our community’ and with a huge increase in the need for our services over recent times (whilst we also face our own rising costs and fundraising challenges) we need your support more than ever. We really can’t do it without you!

Every £10 raised will help to provide £50 worth of essential items to local people in need.

But it’s not all about raising money. There are so many other ways you can help to make a difference, from helping to raise awareness of our work or offering your time as a future event volunteer.

It could be ‘giving up to give back’. For example, giving up one coffee a month and instead donating £2.92 in support of our work would help to provide a bed for a child in need each year.  That’s pretty amazing!

Other ideas include dress up or down days, cake bakes, ‘longest’ theme fundraising to link with the summer solstice, putting up charity awareness posters at work or learning about becoming a Charity Link Ambassador.

If you would like to donate, we are also aiming to raise £750 to provide five beds, five cookers and five fridges for local people in need. To do this we are looking for 75 people to donate £10. You can do so on our campaign page: Charity Link’s Day of Giving – JustGiving

Your support doesn’t have to take place on Giving Day itself. You can send us your ‘Day of Giving’ pledge to tell us how you will make a difference (however big or small) in the coming days, weeks and months…even years! Download your Pledge card to complete and send it back to us or share (PDF or JPEG image).

We’d love to hear what you have planned for Day of Giving and also to share your photos of your support. Tag us in social media and use #DayofGiving or email

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