Support Liz and Lucy’s 2.6 Challenge!

Eighty year old Liz Warren from Evington contacted us keen to take part in the 2.6 Challenge to raise funds for Charity Link.

Liz and her springer spaniel Lucy have been going for one walk a day but to keep Lucy fit and engaged during the pandemic, Liz has been throwing lots of balls in the garden, which Lucy loves. Lucy is nearly ten but Liz says she is still full of energy.

Liz has decided to set a target of 260 ball throw and retrieves for her and Lucy, starting on Sunday and finishing on Saturday (depending on how Lucy is feeling!) and the dynamic duo are hoping that you may like to sponsor their efforts. Maybe you could offer 1p or 10p per throw (for donation of £2.60 or £26?).

Liz has asked for donations to be made directly to our Meeting The Need campaign page and Liz and Lucy would love it if you left a little message of support too. We’ll post some updates during the week to let you know how it’s going.

Liz says:
“When Lucy is excited she goes round and round in circles, barking loudly. She loves it when the ball goes into a bush and she has to find it. Her main obsession, though, is just chasing the ball. As we can’t go out as much at the moment I have spent a lot of time throwing the ball for her and when I saw Charity Link’s appeal, I wondered if I could use our game to raise some money. I am going to do two sessions each morning to help us meet our target and she would love that.”

“We are both coping well with lock-down. Lucy loves the fact that I’m staying in with her all the time and she enjoys coming to lie down with me while I practise the piano – which I am doing more of now! She has never been keen on visitors coming to the house so, from her point of view, life is perfect now!

Liz adds; “I’m very lucky that I have very supportive neighbours and friends so there are very few problems arising from the lock-down. But this challenge and hopefully helping to raise some vital funds for Charity Link will give us a positive focus.”

To support Liz and Lucy, visit to make your donation and send a message.


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