Support our cost of living crisis campaign

We have launched our ‘cost of living crisis campaign’ to help meet the increased need we are seeing from vulnerable local individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet due to price increases and are facing real deprivation.

No parent should be skipping meals so their child can eat, no-one should be facing months of cold and suffering because they can’t afford to turn on the heating and no child should be sleeping on the floor because their family can’t afford to buy a bed, but clients are coming to us each week facing such awful challenges and we expect this to get much worse as we head into autumn and winter.

You can make a real difference.

Due to our unique way of working, for every £1 donation we can untap £5 from charitable trusts – which means a £10 donation can help to feed a family in need for a week. A £25 donation can buy a bed.

You can donate online now via our online campaign page here or press the red donation button on our website.

Whatever you give will really help and every pound is hugely appreciated.

Thank you

Posted 9th June 2022

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