The Leicestershire Live There With You Fund

The LeicestershireLive There With You Fund, launched by the Leicester Mercury and LeicestershireLive on 14th April 2020, is a charitable fund which issues emergency grants of up to £300 to Leicestershire residents in a position of exceptional hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The fund is administered by Charity Link.

All funds donated to the There With You Fund will have a positive and immediate impact on the lives of Leicestershire residents. It is dedicated solely to relieving poverty and easing financial hardship for Leicester and Leicestershire residents directly impacted by the coronavirus and will help to provide essential items, including food vouchers, utilities, cookers, fridges (for storing food and medicine), washing machines, microwaves, household goods, beds, bedding and school uniforms.

For regular updates on the difference the There With You Fund is making please visit the LeicestershireLive website and social media pages, the Leicester Mercury and our own social media pages.

The Fund was launched on the back of a £96,000 grant from the Randal Charitable Foundation, which has an unwavering vision that is to save lives, help the socially disadvantaged and improve the quality of life for those in need in the UK and around the world.

A Trustee of the Foundation said: “The speed at which the Covid-19 pandemic has spread is something that has taken everyone by surprise, and has turned all of our lives upside down.
This has inevitably affected some people in our communities more than others, which is why the There With You Fund is such a great idea”.  To visit the There With You Fund Justgiving page click here.

Those who are working with vulnerable people experiencing hardship can apply for support – for details click here


**Fund update **


6th October 2020 – We have launched the planned second phase of the campaign.  As featured in the Leicester Mercury  it is vital that we continue to raise funds as we go into the difficult winter months and as the economic impact (with changes to Government support schemes) continue to take hold. The fund stands at over £134,000 – so we have £116,000 still to raise to achieve our target to ensure we can continue to support those impacted by COVID-19 in the months ahead.  To read our press release about the continuation of the campaign, click here.  Visit read more client stories of those helped due to the fund.

18th July 2020:  It was great to see an article in the Leicester Mercury regarding the donation of £7584 that we have just received from the Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner in support of the fund. Read more about Lord Willy Bach’s support in the article here.

7th July 2020: The fund has now raised £133,000!  We’ve received 379 requests for help from those affected by Covid-19 and we’ve helped 780 people, of which 312 were children.
£70,891.96 worth of essential goods have now been distributed.

28th June 2020: We are delighted to report that the fund has now reached the half way mark – over £125,000 raised to support local people in need as a result of the pandemic. Huge thanks to everyone who has supported the fund so far.  As of today we have had 252 requests for help and have distributed £35,026.82 in grants. The fund has helped 544 people, of which 233 were children. Thanks to your support the items we have provided have included 55 cookers, 46 fridges and / or freezers, 35 washing machines and 23 beds.

10th June 2020: Thank you so much for your support. The #therewithyou fund has now raised over £114,000 and we have already been able to distribute a significant number of essential items to those in need.  However, we desperately need continued support as the number of people coming to us in need continues to grow.  Visit our Covid-19 update page for the latest news on our activities and our Lives Changed page to read about some of the clients we’ve been able to help in recent weeks.


Our core service still needs your support too!

In addition to this fantastic new fund Charity Link’s own fundraising efforts continue; it is only through the generous support of Charity Link’s work directly that it is possible for us to distribute funds and to make such a difference in these very difficult times.

Our dedicated Casework team will continue to work with referring agencies, assess applications for help and liaise with clients to ensure they receive the essential items they so desperately need. Our Casework team will also continue to support those in our community, finding funding for those who need larger scale support and find themselves in crisis and hardship not as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

You can support Charity Link’s work directly by visiting our ‘Meeting the Need’ online campaign page or by donating via any of the usual methods.

Thank you for your continued support.  It is very much appreciated.