Trusts we administer

Charity Link administrates a number of grant-making trusts that offer grants to a range of individuals and organisations. Each charity has its own objects and criteria.

Please click on the links below to find out what sort of grants they offer, and how you can apply to each charity.

Alderman Newton’s Educational Foundation

H A Taylor Fund

Leicester Indigent Old Age Society

Mansion Trust (UK)

Nicholson Memorial Fund (Rosehill Trust)

Poors Platt

R Daphne Plunket Charitable Trust

St. Margaret’s Charities

The Head Start Trust

The following charities use our grants administration service to make grants to individuals and families. All applications to the charities listed below should be made by a referring agency on the client’s behalf, using the Charity Link Application Form.

Bruce Wake Charity, Carlton Hayes Hospital Charity, The Consanguinitarium, Cotton Charitable Trust, Florence Turner Trust, Girls Social Guild, John Heggs Bates Charity, J R Corah Foundation Fund, Leicester Aid in Sickness, Leicester Children’s Aid Association, Leicester Indigent Old Age Society, Leicestershire & Rutland County Nursing Association, Mansion Trust (UK), Maud Elkington Charitable Trust, Mrs Smith & Mount Trust, Newby Trust Ltd, Nicholson Memorial Fund, Oadby Village Hall Fund, Queens Institute (Northampton), R Daphne Plunket Charitable Trust, Sir Richard Raynes Foundation, Soroptimist Charity, St. Giles Charity Estates, Surviving Winter Appeal, T S Shipman Charitable Trust, Wyggeston’s Hospital.

If you’d like to find out how Charity Link can help with the administration of your charity, or help distribute grants on your behalf, then please contact Katie Scranage, Trust Administrator.