Welfare Uprating Bill 2012

Yesterday the Welfare Benefits Uprating Bill to cap working age benefits increases at 1% for the next three years was passed by Parliament. Analysis by the Institute of Fiscal Studies found that this constitutes a real term cut of 4% affected across the period.

This will have a significant impact on thousands of vulnerable people throughout Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland who rely on the welfare system.  60% of whom are working and need in- work benefits to top up low and stagnant wages  – families who are already struggling to pay for food, families who are already struggling to heat their homes, children who are and will continue to go without basic items such as beds and appropriate clothing.

At Leicester Charity Link we are already witnessing an increase in the number of people who need our services, as the Welfare Reform Bill is implemented we will see even more relying on charities like ourselves just to simply get by.

We don’t have shirkers or shrivers knocking on our door  – just vulnerable people who need our help.

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