Application guidelines

Please ensure that you read these guidelines before completing the form. The application form is to be completed by the referrer, not the applicant, unless specifically requested by Charity Link

Remember, when the application form is correctly filled in, we are able to act more quickly.

1. Details of referring agency.

Please make sure that all sections are completed and you have signed at the bottom.

General Data Protection Regulation.

The declaration on page 8 has to be read and signed by the applicant. If the signature and date are missing, then the form will have to be sent back to the referrer, thus delaying the application process.

2. & 2.1 Details of applicant and applicant’s partner

All charities require this information. Details of age, gender, accommodation, marital status,
National Insurance number, employment are essential if we are to apply to outside charities. We also need
a telephone number, whether a land line or a mobile, if the applicant has one.

Some charities help people with specific disabilities. It is important that details of disabilities for both
applicants and partners are recorded. Also remember to include the applicant’s G.P. We need this information
for our records.

3. Monitoring information

In order to effectively monitor the help we give please provide ethnic background, sexual orientation and
religous belief for both the applicant and partner.

3.1 Details of children/other adults

There are charities that will only help if the family has children, so this information is very important to us. Again, do not forget to include details of any serious illness or disability. In some cases, we are able to apply to charities based on a member of the family’s illness or disability.

4. & 4.1 Applicant’s work history

Many charities are able to help people who have worked in a particular occupation. Please include as much
information about your applicant’s and partner’s work history as possible. We also need to know when the applicant and/or partner worked for the company or organisation – for example, from March 2004 to March 2008. This information will allow us to help you and speed up the process.

If the applicant and/or partner has been in the armed forces please give details, including their service number, rank and the length of their service. In these cases, we can apply to armed forces charities for assistance.

5. Financial details

We cannot process an application without full details of the applicant’s
income and expenditure. If the applicant has a partner or there is any other
adult in the household, we need to know their financial details too. Please
ensure that you give an accurate record of the applicant’s benefits and that
you have made sure that they are receiving all the benefits they are entitled to.

It would also help if you gave weekly figures and not monthly. We also need information regarding arrears, social fund deductions, savings, debts and loans (excluding mortgage payments).

Please be aware that the majority of charities will not assist if there is a significant excess of income over
expenditure. Please therefore include all items of expenditure, however small. One exception to this is where the item requested is medical or mobility equipment, such as electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, riser recliners etc, where a slightly bigger surplus of income is acceptable.

6. & 6.1 Details of grant requested

Please prioritise the items you are requesting. We have our own suppliers for white goods, beds and furniture, so the cost is not important. We also provide vouchers for a range of household items. For wheelchairs,
mobility scooters, power packs and riser recliners, we will get a quote from our specialist suppliers. In these cases an Occupational Therapist’s report is required. A quotation is needed for holidays and other specialist items.

Please note it is often hard to obtain grants for such items as carpets and other floor coverings, rent deposits and arrears, furniture outside of essential items, decorating, funeral costs, bankruptcy fees, nursing home fees, ongoing medical costs, travel and car deposits, holidays and foreign travel.

6.2 Social Fund Loan, Community Support Grant in Leicester or Signposting Community Support Service in Leicestershire.

Charities will often not help unless all statutory and local authority sources of funding have been exhausted, so these details are important to us. This does not, however, prevent us from helping in the most urgent cases. If an application has not been made for a Social Fund loan, Community Support Grant or Signposting
Community Support Service, please say why.

6.3 If there are children in the family, please state what financial help has been provided in respect of Section 17 of the Children Act 1989.

6.4 Statement of Support

It is essential to provide a full statement of the applicant’s circumstances, past and present, and the reason why they are in need of the item/s requested. In many cases, we will be applying to other charities and we cannot do this without a comprehensive social report. If an item, for example a cooker or a washing
machine, has broken down, please include this in your report. When we apply to other charities for help, we have to persuade them that the applicant is really in need of the item/s, and we can only do this if we have enough background information. Please do not ask the applicant to provide a social report.

Please complete the ‘Measuring our impact’ form to help us improve our service and explain to funders the benefit of our service.

The applicant must read and sign the privacy notice in order for the application to be processed. Please visit to view our privacy policy.

Call 0116 222 2200 for further guidance.